Lack of ~motu expiry dates

Soren Hansen soren at
Sun Nov 11 16:05:53 GMT 2007

On Tue, Nov 06, 2007 at 03:43:19PM +1100, William Grant wrote:
> During a discussion in #ubuntu-motu today, it was noted that none of
> the new (ie. post ~ubuntu-dev -> ~motu move) MOTU have expiry dates
> set.  This is probably a bad thing, as we should really be operating
> on the principle of least privilege, and having a lot of inactive
> members skews the totals - we don't have 100 active developers. It may
> be a simple oversight, in that ~ubuntu-dev had a default expiry period
> set, while ~motu doesn't.
> The possibility of reducing the default membership period (previously 2
> years) was also raised, so might be good to discuss.

Having motu memebership expire seems sensible. Depending on the
bureaucracy involved in renewing the membership, it might also make
sense to lower the default membership period to perhaps one year.

What has been the process for renewal of membership of ubuntu-dev?
Reapproval by TB or could you do yourself?

Soren Hansen
Ubuntu Server Team
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