Suggestion: clarify on the wiki that Mir/XMir testing might imply some risks.

Kevin Gunn kevin.gunn at
Sat Aug 24 03:24:47 UTC 2013

fwiw, we have tried to do a bit better job of highlighting some of the
known issues.

On Fri, Aug 23, 2013 at 10:16 PM, Daniel van Vugt <
daniel.van.vugt at> wrote:

> Mario,
> Any documentation which asks you to use any PPA should also come with a
> warning: "This may break your system and you need to be knowledgeable
> enough to fix it if that happens."
> Though, Mir no longer requires PPAs.
> One could also argue such warnings should be in place for anyone who
> installs a pre-release of Ubuntu. I think it would make sense... We get a
> lot of bugs from people testing pre-release code but don't know how to
> recover from problems when they find them.
> Thirdly, yes, if you need to follow any instructions from a Wiki to
> install something then that probably also indicates it's not ready for
> prime time and should have warnings.
> I agree we need more warnings, in multiple places.
> - Daniel
> On 24/08/13 01:12, Mario Rugiero wrote:
>> Hi, my name is Mario Rugiero, I've been following the mail list since
>> one or two months ago, I think.
>> As the subject says, I think it would be wise to put a statement about
>> testing Mir/XMir right now, since Ubuntu is also aimed to common folks
>> that might not know software in development might contain bugs of
>> varying severity.
>> What I thought was just adding on the main Mir page such fact, and
>> pointing to the bug tracker (I see there is a link on the page, but it
>> only suggests to file the ones they find, not to check for which bugs
>> are already known) so novice testers may know which kind of things to
>> expect, and make and informed decision. Just an idea.
>> Thanks for your time.
>> Mario.
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