MAAS 2.2 Beta 2 Released

Andres Rodriguez andres.rodriguez at
Tue Feb 14 20:27:53 UTC 2017

The MAAS team is happy to announce that the new upstream (development)
release has now been released. This is MAAS 2.2 Beta 2.

MAAS 2.2.0 Beta 2 is currently available in:


Release Notes
Important announcements


   MAAS now supports composable hardware - The Intel Rack Scale Design

The MAAS team is excited to announce the support for the Intel Rack Scale
Design (RSD). Intel Rack Scale Design (RSD) is a hardware architecture that
allows the dynamic composition of physical systems from a pool of available
hardware resources.

MAAS, as a cloud-like, scale-out bare-metal provisioning system, will
leverage the use of Intel RSD to compose (create) and provision systems.
With the support for RSD, MAAS introduces the ability to manually or
dynamically compose (create) new machines from an available pool of
resources. It will allow administrators to request machines with specific
resources on demand and be able to deploy their workloads on them.
Major new features


   MAAS support for Intel RSD - API only

MAAS 2.2b2 introduces initial support for Intel RSD. It provides the
ability to:


   Add a new Intel RSD POD into MAAS, allowing users to have a full view of
   the available and used resources.

   Add the ability to discover pre-composed resources, allowing MAAS to
   discover machines that have been created before adding the Intel RSD POD
   into MAAS.

   Add the ability to create (compose) new machines.



MAAS 2.2b2 introduces a new notification system. The notification system
surfaces various messages to the user via the WebUI, allowing to have more
visibility as to what’s going on with the system. Initially, users will be
notified when:


   When Rack Controllers get disconnected

   When image import fails on your region controller.

   When Rack Controllers have images that the Region Controller does not.


   WebUI Visual updates

MAAS 2.2b2 WebUI now has an updated WebUI that includes:


   Updated all icons and colour set within the framework. This will keep
   inline with the Vanilla Framework and the new visual update which is going
   across all products

   Links have changed from black to blue. This keeps MAAS inline with Juju
   and other Cloud products also improves the visual UX.

   Improved the responsive nature of MAAS. Tables especially have been
   improved. The new card view and label using aria-label improves the
   readability and uses on mobile / small screens.

   Navigation responsive issues have been resolved.

   Flash messages has been removed and now replaced with the improved
   notification pattern.

   New utility classes u-display--mobile & u-display--desktop have been
   added for extra responsive development / design flexibility.

   Accordion styles have been improved. Removing the cross style and
   keeping it consistent with our remove style.

Andres Rodriguez
Engineering Manager, MAAS
Canonical USA, Inc.
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