MAAS GUI Framework 1.2.0 update

Richard McCartney richard.mccartney at
Tue Feb 14 14:36:24 UTC 2017

Hi all,

I'm happy to announce that the latest version of the MAAS GUI Framework has 
been released, version 1.2.0!
This update includes all major responsive work which recently released in the 
latest MAAS beta. New patterns include the improved notification groups and 
secondary page navigation, a colour update which brings MAAS inline with 
other Canonical products and other minor fixes and utility classes.  

The MAAS-GUI project can be found here :

GitHub project - <>
Framework documentation - <>
NPM - <>

Latest changes

 * New notification group style. To be used when multiple notifications of one 
category are displayed on the screen without swamping the UI.

 * New secondary page navigation pattern. This shall be used as secondary 
navigation for pages which are too long or require tabbed content.

 * Meter element has been styled to follow our new component colour styles. Can 
be used to show machine information such as CPU, RAM, etc.

 * Uploaded missing font assets and giving the ability to turn on or off local 
assets for fonts in _settings.defaults.scss

 * Removed the sass docs gulp requirements, gulp command and scss comments.

 * Updated all icons and colour set within the framework. This will keep in
line with the Vanilla Framework and the new visual update which is going across
all products.

 * Links have changed from black to blue. This keeps MAAS inline with Juju and 
other Cloud products also improves the visual UX.

 * Improved the responsive nature of MAAS. Tables especially have been 
improved. The new card view and label using aria-label improves the readability 
and uses on mobile / small screens.

 * All assets have been renamed and also hosted on <>. 
This gives the flexibility to use hosted assets or to host them locally 
dependant on project.

 * Navigation responsive issues have been resolved.

 * Flash messages has been removed and now replaced with the improved 
notification pattern.

 * New utility classes u-display--mobile & u-display--desktop have been added 
for extra responsive development / design flexibility.

 * Accordion styles have been slightly improved. Removing the cross style and 
keeping it consistent with our remove style.

 * Login action card styles have been added to the framework.


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