[lubuntu-users] Lubuntu 19.10 installer . . . errors!! second time . . . .

Fritz Hudnut este.el.paz at gmail.com
Sat Jun 15 23:15:40 UTC 2019


Problem I think is "confirmed" . . . waited until the "6/15" daily showed
up on the server, zsync'd it to the latest version, the old one was "91%"
the same as the new one.  Rather than re-using the U-MATE startup creator
app, I added "mkusb" to the sources.list and installed that . . . wiped the
flash drive . . . and moved the new version of 19.10 over and booted it up
. . . .

Desktop loaded fine and I set the time & location and then ran the install
. . . the only thing I did differently this time besides setting the
partition for "/boot/efi" . . . was to flag it as "bios_grub" . . . and the
install went fast (possibly too fast) . . . seemed like in 5 minutes it was
again declaring itself "done."

I rebooted and just as yesterday it loaded the OSX 10.14 dmesg window . . .
and then "froze" there.  Used the power button to shut down and rebooted
with the alt/option key, got to the OSX Bootloader window and picked the
first disk listing "EFI Partition" . . . which as yesterday I figured was
for the "last installed" system . . . and the Grub window did load . . .
and this time I was able to arrow down through the list to the "Lu 19.10"
option . . . a line of "error -- disk 'hd2, gpt6' not found"  lines loaded
followed by "hit any key to continue" . . . which after a couple seconds it
auto-loaded the Grub list again, and I scrolled down to the "Lu Recovery"
option . . . which brought the same errors . . . .  So, again, seems like
something in the install didn't go well, whereas I seemed to get the U-MATE
18.04 system installed and booted up just fine in the same drive . . . .

I think I'm done with Lu 19.10 for a bit . . . if anyone wants to check
this out, and file an appropriate bug report I would be happy to report
this on the QA.  I've had problems finding the "correct" place to file the
bug report . . . against . . . in the past, traditionally the QA won't
accept "negative" comments w/o a bug report, and the bug report people
don't like being flagged on plays that aren't in their area.  And, system
won't boot to file an "apport-collect" . . . report.

I might try to make my way back to Lu 19.04 . . . in a few days??  See how
that goes, I did have that system running before the recent disaster . . . .

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