[lubuntu-users] On Lubuntu 18.04, is a 32-bit /home compatible with a 64-bit home? (Aere Greenway)

Aere Greenway Aere at Dvorak-Keyboards.com
Sat Jun 9 20:49:21 UTC 2018

On 06/09/2018 08:15 AM, Fritz Hudnut wrote:
> Walter:
>     I first tried Lubuntu 18.04 32-bit, which I got working for the most
>     part.  My Kindle reader did not work after restoring everything.  But
>     more critical to me, is the fact that the Eclipse development
>     environment crashes during initialization, and won't initialize.
>     It looks like I'll just have to keep using the systems on the old
>     drive
>     until the drive fails.
>     So much for trying to get ahead of the problem...
>     -- 
>     Sincerely,
>     Aere
> AG:
> It's all part of the "game" . . . one thing I have learned over the 
> years is that in linux "things do change" and often times fairly 
> quickly and other often times based upon packages installed the 
> updater will seemingly find stuff and update them . . . and things 
> then "work" . . . .
> Certainly there are apps and/or packages that are "incompatible" . . . 
> but 18.04 is LTS rather than flavor of the month . . . .  I've been 
> finding Lu Next as a viable option . . . maybe try fiddling with that, 
> on the new drive??  Life always involves compromise and flexibility . 
> . . .  : - )
> F


I got my Eclipse development environment, restored from 32-bit Lubuntu 
16.04.4 to 64-bit Lubuntu 16.04.4 to work.

It turned out there is an "eclipse" folder in my home directory, as well 
as an ".eclipse" folder under my home directory.  One of those folders 
may have been from an older version of Eclipse.

When I restored those two folders from my 64-bit production partition 
(used to generate the 64-bit libraries) to the new 64-bit partition, 
Eclipse now runs, and on quick examination, seems to be working properly.

So I am now switched over to 64-bit Lubuntu 16.04.4, assuming I don't 
run into any more show-stoppers.


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