[lubuntu-users] Booting into the dreaded black screen . . . pedal to the metal

Nio Wiklund nio.wiklund at gmail.com
Tue May 10 06:38:08 UTC 2016

Hello Peter,

When you wrote this mail to me, did you think of PC or PPC or both?

I think too, that it should often work in text mode, but there are 
problems with systemd, that it works with either graphics mode or text 
mode. I found this link:

The boot option 'text' does not work for me in newer systems.

sudo nano /etc/default/grub

Look for a line that starts with GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT,
and comment out that line by prepending # sign.
This will disable the initial splash screen, and enable verbose 
mode(i.e., showing the detailed booting procedure).

Then change GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX="" to:


Next, uncomment the line that says "#GRUB_TERMINAL=console".

Save and update-grub


For systemd-enabled desktop only: If your desktop uses systemd
(e.g., for Debian 8 or later or Ubuntu 15.04 or later), there is
one additional step needed. That is to change the default target
from "graphical" target to "multi-user" target. Skip this step
if your desktop does not use systemd.

$ sudo systemctl set-default multi-user.target

You can always revert to desktop boot later by restoring GRUB config 
file and running:
$ sudo systemctl set-default graphical.target

At this point, your desktop should boot into the command line when you 
reboot it.
Best regards

Den 2016-05-10 kl. 08:14, skrev Peter Golis:
> Hello Nio,
> Pres Escape key several times util GNU GRUB table will be shown. If that
> grub black and white table will be visible, you can install missing
> device driver in text mode. Yust confirm as video driver for old Intel
> graphic cards looks reanimated:
> http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?suite=all&section=all&arch=any&keywords=xserver-xorg-video-intel&searchon=names
> Hello Fritz,
> According to your deleted email, each of this email have appended
> signature of this mailing list. So, simply click on link which is on
> line 'Modify settings or unsubscribe at', locate second link
> 'Lubuntu-users Archives' and click on it. You will see simple table.
> Click on March 2016, view by date and fourth email sent by me will have
> that parameters which can enable hibernation and correct initialization
> of video adapter in Apple PPC machines. Once done, and you want to fix
> that, come to me and confirm if you are booting computer using your
> favorite grub or yaboot which is standard on PPC architecture. But you
> will need to provide also output of some commands which I had not seen
> from you even you was asked several times. Do you ever have Linux?
> Peter.
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>     On 05/09/2016 10:37 AM, Nio Wiklund wrote:
>      > If you have people affected by black screen, or no X starting, or no
>      > lightdm starting, with Intel card, could you advise them to install
>      > this package, reboot, and see if it's working (and report back) ?
>      >
>      > This should affect only fresh install, upgrade should be fine (as
>     this
>      > package was included in previous releases).
>     My 999 megahertz machine has been booting to a black screen since
>     Lubuntu 15.10, and it still happened with 16.04.  So I assumed that
>     machine can no longer be used.  Even the latest 14.04 now boots to a
>     black screen on it.
>     How can one install a package when the live system boots to a black
>     screen?
>     There is no console mode visible, and no wireless yet (because the
>     passphrase has yet to be entered, and cannot be entered).
>     --
>     Sincerely,
>     Aere
> @Aere:
> Possibly there is no correlation, but I have Lubuntu 16.04 running very
> nicely on my PPC G4 iBook 933 MHz w/646 MB RAM . . . circa '04ish.
> Probably I needed to use some "boot params" to get the radeon card
> "recognized" . . . but, in PPC we are "used" to needing some "words"
> with the Yaboot second screen . . . .  You should be able to get Lubuntu
> 16 going???  You just need some magic words to mumble over it . . .
> different words are needed for different video cards, etc.
> F
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