[lubuntu-users] Booting into the dreaded black screen . . . pedal to the metal

Peter Golis golisp at centrum.sk
Tue May 10 06:14:22 UTC 2016

Hello Nio,
Pres Escape key several times util GNU GRUB table will be shown. If that grub black and white table will be visible, you can install missing device driver in text mode. Yust confirm as video driver for old Intel graphic cards looks reanimated:
Hello Fritz,
According to your deleted email, each of this email have appended signature of this mailing list. So, simply click on link which is on line 'Modify settings or unsubscribe at', locate second link 'Lubuntu-users Archives' and click on it. You will see simple table. Click on March 2016, view by date and fourth email sent by me will have that parameters which can enable hibernation and correct initialization of video adapter in Apple PPC machines. Once done, and you want to fix that, come to me and confirm if you are booting computer using your favorite grub or yaboot which is standard on PPC architecture. But you will need to provide also output of some commands which I had not seen from you even you was asked several times. Do you ever have Linux?

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 On 05/09/2016 10:37 AM, Nio Wiklund wrote:
 > If you have people affected by black screen, or no X starting, or no
 > lightdm starting, with Intel card, could you advise them to install
 > this package, reboot, and see if it's working (and report back) ?
 > This should affect only fresh install, upgrade should be fine (as this
 > package was included in previous releases).
 My 999 megahertz machine has been booting to a black screen since
 Lubuntu 15.10, and it still happened with 16.04.  So I assumed that
 machine can no longer be used.  Even the latest 14.04 now boots to a
 black screen on it.
 How can one install a package when the live system boots to a black screen?
 There is no console mode visible, and no wireless yet (because the
 passphrase has yet to be entered, and cannot be entered).
 Aere at Aere:

Possibly there is no correlation, but I have Lubuntu 16.04 running very nicely on my PPC G4 iBook 933 MHz w/646 MB RAM . . . circa '04ish.  Probably I needed to use some "boot params" to get the radeon card "recognized" . . . but, in PPC we are "used" to needing some "words" with the Yaboot second screen . . . .  You should be able to get Lubuntu 16 going???  You just need some magic words to mumble over it . . . different words are needed for different video cards, etc.

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