[lubuntu-users] 16.04 on Aspire One

Nio Wiklund nio.wiklund at gmail.com
Sat Apr 30 11:19:14 UTC 2016

Den 2016-04-30 kl. 11:44, skrev Friet Pan:
> Fridays 16.04 install took ages, and at first boot more trouble, The OS
> refused to boot, busybox came up and I decided to get some sleep...
> Today I re-installed 14.04 again on the Aspire One. And that runs fine
> So the hardware appears to be still OK.
> Could there be a kernel bug in 'Torvalds' 4.4 regarding the (samsung)
> P-SSD1800 device?
> Is there a way to verify kernel stuff like that?
> Why is there no 3.6 Kernel available as fallback on a install image?
> Also since there are issues with wifi and synaptics touchpad. This way
> you would at least have an option ti install a fresh 16.04 LTS and then
> try bleeding edge kernels again in a week or so...
> And what if there is a kernel error regarding the SSD could that damage
> the SSD?

Hi Friet,

There are 'always' bugs in a new release. Gradually the bugs are 
squashed. If you want to smooth ride, I suggest that you only use the 
following long time releases,

12.04.1 LTS
12.04.5 LTS
14.04.1 LTS
14.04.5 LTS (when it will arrive)
16.04.1 LTS (when it will arrive)
16.04.5 LTS (when it will arrive)

Waiting until the first point release, late in July or in August, will 
give you an iso file which is much better debugged than the original iso 
file (right now, skip 16.04 LTS, instead wait for 16.04.1 LTS).

You should also avoid to 'do-release-upgrade' until when the first point 
release iso files are available (late in July or in August).

Best regards

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