[lubuntu-users] 16.04 on Aspire One

Friet Pan frietpan at ymail.com
Sat Apr 30 09:44:57 UTC 2016

Fridays 16.04 install took ages, and at first boot more trouble, The OS refused to boot, busybox came up and I decided to get some sleep...

Today I re-installed 14.04 again on the Aspire One. And that runs fineSo the hardware appears to be still OK.
Could there be a kernel bug in 'Torvalds' 4.4 regarding the (samsung) P-SSD1800 device?
Is there a way to verify kernel stuff like that?
Why is there no 3.6 Kernel available as fallback on a install image?  Also since there are issues with wifi and synaptics touchpad. This way you would at least have an option ti install a fresh 16.04 LTS and then try bleeding edge kernels again in a week or so...  

And what if there is a kernel error regarding the SSD could that damage the SSD?   

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