Lubuntu + MATE? Compatible? or issues?

Aere Greenway Aere at
Sun Apr 12 02:53:15 UTC 2015

On 04/11/2015 05:46 PM, Fritz Hudnut wrote:
> Over in my MBPro I've had numerous LM versions and out of a fair 
> number of installs the MATE flavors have been the most stable, so I 
> went for it on this one . . . I'd be a little happier if it was just 
> the MATE DE part that imploded, but it seems to have reached over to 
> the Ubuntu part and trying to stack a new DE on top didn't get it 
> passed the problems.  I'm going to boot up the Lu 14 desktop and give 
> it a test . . . might fiddle with a "netboot" installer while I'm at 
> it . . . the installs don't take too long; it's getting all the 
> details arranged that takes the time . . . wifi . . . browsers . . . 
> sound . . . .  Big sucking sound on time spent when the system breaks 
> . . . .

I kind-of know the feeling.

I have a 450-megahertz machine I keep running for minimum-system 
testing, and (for that reason) it's very useful that I have it.  But 
every install (or update) takes such a long time, that I wouldn't 
actually use such a machine in real-life.


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