How to reconstruct GRUB for 14.04 on MBPro?

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Sun Oct 12 19:19:46 UTC 2014

On 10/12/2014 12:26 PM, Fritz Hudnut wrote:
> Peeps:
> Wondering if anybody could give me some hints to help get normal
> booting of my 14.04 system?  Have a triple boot set up with two
> versions of OSX in front of 14.04, which I access using rEFInd, which
> then loads GRUB.  Did a system upgrade of OSX which has messed with
> rEFInd in the past . . . fixed that, but, this time it seemed to mess
> with GRUB.  I tried the "Boot Repair Drive" and it did its thing, but
> did not get me back into 14.  Using SuperGrub 2 I can boot the system,
> and I ran "recovery mode" and went through some of the listed items .
> . . that has not revived the GRUB item so that normal booting can take
> place.
> Had a thread posted on the main Ubuntu forum and got some suggestions,
> some highly technical, sort of beyond my skill level, . . . did the
> "update-grub" in the Terminal, etc . . . .  So, I can log in to 14
> using SG2 and access the system, I've got a number of added repos . .
> . if there was a way to "re-install GRUB" w/o erasing and installing
> the whole system, that would be appreciated.
> PS:  When I use SG2 "detect grub cfg file" . . . it finds it, synaptic
> shows that "grub2" is installed . . . something got wonky and isn't
> "connecting" . . . .  Any thoughts?
> F/ e.e.p.
Yes you can reinstall GRUB2...
You boot a LiveCD and can reinstall GRUB2 from there
the command grub-install will do it.
You will need:
              the ID of bootloader. This option is only available on 
EFI  and
I don't entirely know the syntax for installing on the Mac MBR/GPT/EFI
It is a very odd system Apple uses.... however I think (in theory) you
should install it to the partition, rather than the MBR/GPT thing that
Apple uses...
On a side note:
if you don't want refind/refit:
which is based on:
I have never done this, but it looks really interesting


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