How to reconstruct GRUB for 14.04 on MBPro?

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> Yes you can reinstall GRUB2...
> You boot a LiveCD and can reinstall GRUB2 from there
> the command grub-install will do it.
> You will need:
> --bootloader-id=ID
>               the ID of bootloader. This option is only available on
> EFI  and
>               Macs.
> I don't entirely know the syntax for installing on the Mac MBR/GPT/EFI
> thing...
> It is a very odd system Apple uses.... however I think (in theory) you
> should install it to the partition, rather than the MBR/GPT thing that
> Apple uses...
> On a side note:
> if you don't want refind/refit:
> which is based on:
> I have never done this, but it looks really interesting


Appreciate the reply, I'll check it out later, maybe tomorrow . . . in
terms of the "liveCD" . . . I can log in to the system using SG2 . . . so I
can or could run commands in the system.  But, as mentioned, synaptics
shows that "Grub2" is installed . . . ???  But, the GRUB window doesn't
show up in the process, and the "windows" disk that usually has 14.04 also
doesn't show up in the OSX boot loader window with the option key, etc.

Another question, what or where would I find the "bootloader-id"?? . . .
and, then, what would I do with it??  I get that you are suggesting "sudo
apt-get grub-install"???  But, then are you talking about the addition of
something like "/sda"????

I think I ran several of these commands already, running through the "Boot
Repair Disk" and the SG2 list, and one of the Alt install recovery modes,
and the SG2 "find the GRUB CFG file" which took me to the kernel (recovery)
. . . and ran through that . . . .  I would need some exact commands to run
. . . happy to try them out . . . .

I'll take a look at the "pure-efi-boot" stuff when I get to this . . .
don't have the SG2 disk with me at work, or any install disk, etc.

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