Problems to start LUBUNTO

Nio Wiklund nio.wiklund at
Sat Oct 11 14:52:14 UTC 2014

Den 2014-10-11 13:15, galdos at skrev:
>     hi  I am Italian I use the Old pc  I tryed to set Lubuntu in PC
> PENTIUM   20 GB HArd disck  but after that i installeted  all sistem
> operatyng is impossible to get Lubunto from Hard disk  i can use onli 
> dvd  live ... which is the way to get Lubunto from my Old pc pentium 3 
> ( with mother board  Asus  cuv4x acpi bios revision 1004 intel pentium
> 800 mhz ??  Someone can help me ...
> enother thig to say is this  it'important to set always two Browser to
> surf  firefox always have problem to get plug in in the first time work
> but in second time many repository closed and impossible to surf again
> in the next time when someone to reinstall this system in avery linux
> there is this great problema only  firefox ..
> Scopri istella, il nuovo motore per il web italiano.
> Istella garantisce risultati di qualità e la possibilità di condividere,
> in modo semplice e veloce, documenti, immagini, audio e video.
> Usa istella, vai su


With such an old computer I would suggest that you try a linux distro
that is even lighter than Lubuntu:

Wary Puppy or Tiny Core.

You cannot expect web browsing to work well, because many modern web
sites are designed for computers with more horsepower (and memory).

How much RAM is there in the computer? Lubuntu needs 512 MB to run
reasonably well.

See also this link to the Ubuntu Forums

Best regards

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