Good news - Dell Dimension 2400 - Intel Graphics (also Dell DX-1100 Intel Graphics)

Aere Greenway Aere at
Sun Nov 16 00:29:55 UTC 2014

On 11/15/2014 04:59 PM, Israel wrote:
> Are you booting from a CD/DVD or did you boot from a USB.
> There have been some issues with the new syslinux that I just recently 
> started looking into.
> It is related to what Eric was dealing with trying to respin the ISO.
> I do not think it is possible to use the usb-creator to make it. This 
> may have changed since then...  however Nio has a great tool called 
> mkusb that should work to do it, if I understand the problem 
> correctly, as his program uses dd
> Of course if it is a CD/DVD then this is obviously not the issue. :)

I could try any of the combinations, if necessary.

I was able to make a bootable USB of 14.10 (both Lubuntu, and 
ubuntuMATE) using UNetbootin.

I had to use the bootable USB on my Compac 933 mhz machine, is it has 
only a CD drive.  ubuntuMATE did not seem to work at all (not getting 
far in the boot process) on the 512 megabyte RAM machine.

But Lubuntu 14.10 seemed to do the same thing as the updated Lubuntu 
14.04 system (with the Intel graphics problem).

On the Dell Dimension DX-1100, I know I sometimes used a CD (for 14.04), 
and I know I used the Lubuntu 14.10 bootable USB at least once 
successfully (using the Intel graphics, rather than the NVIDIA PCI 
graphics card).  It seems I tried the live DVD of Lubuntu 14.10 (before 
I changed back to the Intel graphics).

The ubuntuMATE system worked well on that machine (with Intel 
graphics).  I don't know if I used the bootable USB or the live DVD (or 

I know I used the bootable ubuntuMATE live USB system on my primary 

USB creator did not work for creating bootable USB's (tried only on 
14.04).  This was the case even using the Kubuntu 14.04 USB creator.

Only UNetbootin was successful in creating a workable USB system for me.


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