Question from a newbie about backup software and more

Basil Fernie basil at
Fri May 16 07:10:44 UTC 2014

Another question, really, but very close... If I should rather post to a  
different link, please let me know.

I want tp backup the Win7 system partition that came with my laptop,  
reduce it a whole lot and turn about 100GB of space over to dedicated  
Linux use. GParted doesn't want to touch it currently, because in the  
process of shrinking it earlier to make space available for the present  
Lubuntu installation, something apparently went wrong with some parameter  
with the result that while I can acces everything there and still boot  
into Windows, I cannot resize it.

It has about 110GB of win7 installation and data, plus about 130GB of  
unused space. Much of the data is already backed up elswhere.

So my plan is to backup the entire bootable Win7 partition onto an  
external USB drive which already contains a backup of my Linux operations,  
try reformatting the partition as Win32, then try shrinking it by 100GB  
and re-installing the backup onto it. If successful then I'll remove some  
of the data backups and shrink it some more. If needs be, I could just  
scrub the entire disk, set up a Win32 partition of say 150GB for the Win7  
restoration, use the remainder of the disk for a new Lubuntu14.04  
installation and live happily ever after.

So I have two main problems: (i) what (Lubuntu) package should I use to  
backup the Win7 bootable partition that will allow me to restore it onto a  
smaller clean partition? There was no recovery CD when I bought the  
laptop... is it too late to make one from the recovery partition that it  
came with, and if so how?
(ii) should I plan for having to erase and repartition the entire disk?

Actually, I keep the Win7 partition merely so that every six months or so  
I can have the pleasure of catching up with all the Window upgrades (aka  
anti-virus measures) overnight; but I'm prepared to do this, and to give  
over let's say 30GB of the HDU, in order to have A working Windows boot  
partition Just In Case Wine doesn't help in a particular situation..

Any advice, even comments, would be welcome.


Pretoria, South Africa

On Wed, 14 May 2014 21:37:25 +0200, James McCoy <spaceknight2 at>  

> I been using Ubuntu (now running 13.10) for some time and know it comes  
> with backup software like Deja Dup already >included. I just started  
> learning about Lubuntu 14.04 and plan to install it in my HP 64 bit  
> laptop and wonder does >it also have built-in backup software or do I  
> need to install it?
> If I need to install backup software - does anyone have suggestions for  
> backup software for Lubuntu?
> Ubuntu has "Ubuntu Tweak" - is there similar software for Lubuntu? I  
> heard about "Lubuntu Tweak" but do not know >anything about it. What is  
> it like? Will Ubuntu Tweak work on Lubuntu?
> Is there any kind of listings/directories of software and/or  
> applications for Lubuntu in particular? I know of >websites "Appnr" and  
> "Linux App Finder" - but they have apps for Ubuntu in general. I am  
> looking for lightweight >versions of Ubuntu apps (example - lightweight  
> version of firewall "Firestarter" or lightweight version of video  
> >editing software Kino/Kdenlive).
> James
> Indiana / USA

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