Question from a newbie about backup software and more

Nio Wiklund nio.wiklund at
Fri May 16 08:26:04 UTC 2014

Hi Basil,

1. I think you can reach more helpers for resizing and backing up
Windows at the Ubuntu Forums.

2. But I'll start helping here ...

I don't know what happened, so that you cannot resize the Windows
partition (with NTFS file system I assume). Maybe you are not closing
Windows (but hibernating), maybe the are errors in the file system,
maybe you made a dynamic partition.

Use 'Windows tools' to fix Windows and Windows's file system. Then you
can change its size.

I think you might fail to restore Windows from a backup to a smaller
partition. It is better to decrease the size and make a second backup
(keep both backups if possible).

It is probably possible to make recovery disks now. It is worth trying.


I don't think there is a dedicated Lubuntu tool for backup. Use a
general tool, either a Windows tool or a linux tool. Do you want a
complete image of the drive? Or 'only' backup of the personal data
files, or something in between?

See these links about backup

Best regards

2014-05-16 09:10, Basil Fernie skrev:
> Another question, really, but very close... If I should rather post to a
> different link, please let me know.
> I want tp backup the Win7 system partition that came with my laptop,
> reduce it a whole lot and turn about 100GB of space over to dedicated
> Linux use. GParted doesn't want to touch it currently, because in the
> process of shrinking it earlier to make space available for the present
> Lubuntu installation, something apparently went wrong with some
> parameter with the result that while I can acces everything there and
> still boot into Windows, I cannot resize it.
> It has about 110GB of win7 installation and data, plus about 130GB of
> unused space. Much of the data is already backed up elswhere.
> So my plan is to backup the entire bootable Win7 partition onto an
> external USB drive which already contains a backup of my Linux
> operations, try reformatting the partition as Win32, then try shrinking
> it by 100GB and re-installing the backup onto it. If successful then
> I'll remove some of the data backups and shrink it some more. If needs
> be, I could just scrub the entire disk, set up a Win32 partition of say
> 150GB for the Win7 restoration, use the remainder of the disk for a new
> Lubuntu14.04 installation and live happily ever after.
> So I have two main problems: (i) what (Lubuntu) package should I use to
> backup the Win7 bootable partition that will allow me to restore it onto
> a smaller clean partition? There was no recovery CD when I bought the
> laptop... is it too late to make one from the recovery partition that it
> came with, and if so how?
> (ii) should I plan for having to erase and repartition the entire disk?
> Actually, I keep the Win7 partition merely so that every six months or
> so I can have the pleasure of catching up with all the Window upgrades
> (aka anti-virus measures) overnight; but I'm prepared to do this, and to
> give over let's say 30GB of the HDU, in order to have A working Windows
> boot partition Just In Case Wine doesn't help in a particular situation..
> Any advice, even comments, would be welcome.
> Basil
> Pretoria, South Africa
> On Wed, 14 May 2014 21:37:25 +0200, James McCoy
> <spaceknight2 at> wrote:
>     I been using Ubuntu (now running 13.10) for some time and know it
>     comes with backup software like Deja Dup already included. I just
>     started learning about Lubuntu 14.04 and plan to install it in my HP
>     64 bit laptop and wonder does it also have built-in backup software
>     or do I need to install it?
>     If I need to install backup software - does anyone have suggestions
>     for backup software for Lubuntu?
>     Ubuntu has "Ubuntu Tweak" - is there similar software for Lubuntu? I
>     heard about "Lubuntu Tweak" but do not know anything about it. What
>     is it like? Will Ubuntu Tweak work on Lubuntu?
>     Is there any kind of listings/directories of software and/or
>     applications for Lubuntu in particular? I know of websites "Appnr"
>     and "Linux App Finder" - but they have apps for Ubuntu in general. I
>     am looking for lightweight versions of Ubuntu apps (example -
>     lightweight version of firewall "Firestarter" or lightweight version
>     of video editing software Kino/Kdenlive).
>     James
>     Indiana / USA
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