Question from a newbie about backup software and more

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Thu May 15 05:03:59 UTC 2014

From: James McCoy<spaceknight2 at>

I been using Ubuntu (now running 13.10) for some time and know it comes
with backup software like Deja Dup already included. I just started
learning about Lubuntu 14.04 and plan to install it in my HP 64 bit
laptop and wonder does it also have built-in backup software or do I
need to install it?

If I need to install backup software - does anyone have suggestions for
backup software for Lubuntu?

Ubuntu has "Ubuntu Tweak" - is there similar software for Lubuntu? I
heard about "Lubuntu Tweak" but do not know anything about it. What is
it like? Will Ubuntu Tweak work on Lubuntu?

Is there any kind of listings/directories of software and/or
applications for Lubuntu in particular? I know of websites "Appnr" and
"Linux App Finder" - but they have apps for Ubuntu in general. I am
looking for lightweight versions of Ubuntu apps (example - lightweight
version of firewall "Firestarter" or lightweight version of video
editing software Kino/Kdenlive).

Indiana / USA

Amanda []
Back In Time []
and maybe old by now FlyBack []
Also see BackupYourSystem on the Ubuntu Community Help Wiki

I've never used Ubuntu Tweak (and could have a misunderstanding of why 
people use it),
but here is what I consider "eye candy" links:
alternative sessions [Ubuntu Community Help Wiki]
Best Lightweight dock for Lubuntu [Answered Ubuntu]
Change LightDM Background [Ubuntu Community Help Wiki]
Change LXDE Screen Resolution [Sudo Juice]
Compton: Meet Compton [Lubuntu Blog]
Compton (shadow effects and more) [Lubuntu Blog]
Conky: How to install Conky in Lubuntu and make it Autostart [SMF]
Conky: SettingUpConky [Ubuntu Community Help Wiki]
Conky Objects [Conky]
Conky Configuration Settings [Conkey]
Conky Manager [TeeJee Tech]
Customize the Desktop [Linux LXDE Guide]
Customize the LXDE Desktop using Lubuntu [Everyday Lix User]
Customize Panels/Desktop [Fun with ubuntu]
Docky [Docky]
Glx-Dock / Cairo-Dock [Glx-Dock / Cairo-Dock]
LXPanel [Linux Library]
Mac Theme (old) [how2hackeasy]
Plank [Plank]
Plank – A Lightweight Application Dock For Linux [Help Desk Geek]
Plank: A Lightweight and Fast Dock For Ubuntu 12.04/11.10 (old) [UpUbuntu]
Plank - Lightweight Dock App (old) [Ubuntu Root]
Plank Themes on DeviantArt [DeviantArt]
5 Beautiful Plank Themes [WebUpd]
Top 10 Plank Dock Themes [LinuxNov]
Theming [Ubuntu Community Help Wiki]
Ubuntu Theme [The Other Information]
Wallpaper, Rotator & Wallpaper Geometry [LXDE Guide]
Wallpaper Changer (Super Simple) [Ubuntu Forums]
Wbar [Google Code]
Wbar Dock or Panel [Guide To Setting Up LXDE]
Window Opacity and LxPanel Colors [Ubuntu Community Help Wiki]

IPTables [] is managed by 
UFW [] and both are 
included by default. For a nice GUI interface you can download Gufw 
[]. Gufw will show up in the menu as "Firewall 
Configuration" under Preferences.

Avidemux [], Cinelerra 
[], Jahshaka [], Openshot 
[] and PiTiVi []

The Linux Alternative Project has more alternatives
Also check this (old, small) list of light apps:
and this (old, larger) list of light apps:

Thank You,
God Bless,
Computers4Christians <>

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