On Lubuntu 14.04, No Wireless on 2 machines that wireless worked on 13.10

Aere Greenway Aere at Dvorak-Keyboards.com
Thu May 8 16:31:57 UTC 2014

On 05/08/2014 03:47 AM, Nio Wiklund wrote:
> When you started nm-applet (and it wouldn't work), did you run it with
> or without gksudo? Try with gksudo, if it you didn't.

I would tell you precisely, but I can only reproduce the problem by 
running the live CD or live USB, and on those (test) systems, I don't 
have access to my e-mail when I do that.

I did not use a command-line interface to access it (I avoid that if at 
all possible).

I right-clicked on the panel (in an area without any icon, and chose 
"Add/Remove Panel Items" from the pop-up menu.

I then clicked the "Add" button of the "Panel Preferences" window that 
appeared (with the "Panel Applets" tab selected).  I don't normally have 
to do this, because the network (or wireless) icon is already in the 
panel when the live CD (or USB) finishes booting.

I then selected "Manage Networks" from the list of available plugins, 
and clicked the "Add" button.

I then selected "Network Status Monitor" from the list of available 
plugins, and clicked the "Add" button.

Then I fumbled around with those additional applets, right or left 
clicking on them, and in one combination, I actually got a list of 
wireless networks, of which I selected my network, and tried to connect 
to it (by clicking on it?).

A simple dialog appeared, asking me to enter the "Encryption key" in a 
text box, which I carefully typed in (because I can't see what I'm 
typing), and hit the enter-key (or clicked the button to process the 

Nothing appeared to happen.  There was no error message, but the network 
did not connect, and the icon didn't change in any way indicating it was 
trying to connect.

With that not working, I specified "System Tools" (or maybe it was 
"Preferences") from the task-bar menu, and then selected "Network 
Connections" (or something like that).

That yielded a simple dialog with 3 tabs, and nothing like what I've 
used in the past to configure a wireless network.  In that simple 
dialog, I did not discover anything that would let me configure a 
wireless network.


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