[Lubuntu-comms] Wiki Editing / meeting

Ali Linx ali.linux at amjjawad.net
Sat Mar 29 11:21:19 UTC 2014

On 03/29/2014 11:24 AM, Nio Wiklund wrote:
> Hi Phill and everybody else,

Hello Nio,
> 1. I'm very sorry to have made you upset.
> 2. I will not push this issue, but stay back and let other people manage
> the Lubuntu wiki pages.
> 3. But I want to explain why I did what I did:
> Initiated by you Phill, I checked what was minimum RAM for Trusty. I
> sent that report to the Lubuntu community (as an email).
> There was a discussion, that focused not so much about the test result,
> but on what should be changed in the wiki page paragraph about system
> requirements.
> There was no sign of life from you Phill, or from Iberê or from Sergio,
> and the discussion ended, and I thought it meant that people were happy
> with the 'second wording'.
> So I edited that into the wiki page and made a sub-page, according to
> suggestions during the discussion.

IMHO, what you have done is not really a disaster as it has been 
explained. The lack of communication, as always, is the major serious 
issue that Lubuntu Community lacks and needs. I couldn't tell clearly 
unless I joined other communities and saw by my very eyes how things is 
happening on the other side of the world :)

You have done a great job. Let me tell you something, you're the type of 
contributor that Lubuntu seriously need. I do appreciate each and 
everything you have done to Lubuntu, Ubuntu and FOSS. I admire your 
work. Excellent job and please keep that up. This is my personal opinion.

Now, the only problem IMHO was being a bit in hurry to edit the page. If 
Lubuntu operates in the way of Team Leaders must approve before anything 
else then you have done everything you could. What you needed to do is 
waiting for someone to say "Okay" or "Approved". Since this community 
sadly lacks this approach, you wanted to be extra helpful and have done 
everything yourself. This is what happened in my eyes.

This is what I have been doing mostly in two years with Lubuntu, 
sometimes at least. Ironically, Phill himself was always saying : "Don't 
ask, DO!". So, I'm not sure what is wrong?!

You have done everything and IF and ONLY IF Wiki Pages of Lubuntu must 
be edited by ONE and ONLY person, that is the TL of the Wiki area, then 
maybe that is the only mistake you did by doing someone's else job which 
is not a disaster IMHO.

This is how I see the situation.

> Once again, I'm very sorry to have made you upset and will stay away
> from the Lubuntu wiki pages.

While I know you're so nice and friendly and I admire that, I disagree 
with you here. I can't force you of course to help on that area but I'd 
rather suggest to discuss with the rest of the team and please, don't 
stay away from the Wiki pages.

What Phill may have forgotten is: The Whole Wiki of Ubuntu and the 
flavors need A LOT of help and love. That is a solid fact everyone who 
is truly involved with Ubuntu and its flavors should know it. We need 
more people to help. Editing a Wiki Page is a piece of cake. Keeping 
that page up-to-date is a huge work that not everyone can do it. You're 
one of those who can do that. We don't want to lose you. Please!

> Best regards
> Nio

Thank you!

> 2014-03-29 03:09, Phill Whiteside skrev:
>> Hi folks,
>> it seams to have missed people's minds that anything other a correction
>> of syntax or a link that has expired has to be checked with the TL for
>> the wiki area.
>> There are test areas about and our current guy has spent hours prepping
>> up for 14.04.
>> To clear things, he will be attending #lubuntu-offtopic as part of a
>> meeting that will be registered and logged. At that point you can ask
>> him about the work that is being done by that team to have all the wiki
>> ready for 14.04.
>> This may be a useful session for people who have been making a mess of
>> the wiki 13.10 instead of the 14.04 pages to attend.
>> There is a very good reason we have a TL for wiki... Major changes go
>> through that person and when in doubt that person can check with our
>> head of dev.
>> 14:00 UTC 30th March on #lubuntu-offtopic
>> I expect all of you who have discussing lay out etc. to attend.
>> Regards,
>> personal secretary to Sergio,
>> Phill.
>> -- 
>> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/phillw

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