Why is lubuntu-artwork not being updated in Trusty?

N. W. nw9165-0219653 at yahoo.com
Tue Jun 10 15:44:42 UTC 2014


> Rafael Laguna wrote:
> Its' normal that an independent
> development (the Unified Box for Linux) goes further than
> the official updates (the Ubuntu repositories).

I do not consider lubuntu-artwork to be independent from Lubuntu. When
I install Lubuntu, I want to receive updates to lubuntu-artwork (and by
default and automatically). Lubuntu ships with lubuntu-artwork by
default, so why shouldn't I receive updates for lubuntu-artwork by
default? Why do I have to search and add a PPA?

> Rafael Laguna wrote:
> The version updated is 0.47 and you'll receive that
> version via the Artwork Daily PPA.

That does not answer my question. Why do I have to add this PPA to a
Lubuntu installation? Why isn't it added by default or why isn't
lubuntu-artwork receiving updates by default (without having to add
this PPA)?

We're not talking about a third party GTK+ / icon theme here. We're
talking about the Box icon theme / Box GTK+ theme, the official theme
of an offical Ubuntu spin. I consider this to be quite a difference.

By the way:

I also do not understand why I have to search for and have to add a PPA
to receive those updates:


Why can't this just be added to Lubuntu by default?

If you ask me, you really should release a new ISO with those things
being added / updating by default ASAP.

Just saying...


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