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> Be aware that privacy, security and anonymity are different issues. I
> don't think there is anonymous browsing of the internet any more. But
> you can protect your computer from intrusion.

Sure, and probably you're right. Anyway, i'd say it's worth the pain to
make tracking more difficult to those who track.

Moreover, i think one can learn a lot of the tor settings (in
firefox/iceweasel or thunderbird/icedove).
> This link is a good start

Excellent link, thanks. (A small footnote to adblock plus: I do not know
if you're aware, but in Germany there was a huge discussion about the
behaviour of the people staying behind adblock: They tried extort money
from newspapers for not putting them into their lists. That seems well
proved since serious newspapers published the related contacts).

It's you, who contributed? ;-)

> as well as the *sticky threads* at the Ubuntu security forum

Thanks again!

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