Bento Village iso file with new non-pae kernel by Phill

Nio Wiklund nio.wiklund at
Sat Jul 5 23:25:10 UTC 2014

2014-07-05 23:09, Nio Wiklund skrev:
> Hi everybody,
> Please help us test Phill's new non-pae kernel! This time we can also
> test the behaviour in a live system, which is a new feature of Phill's
> kernel.
> After months of efforts it works, at least for Mélodie, who has made a
> new iso file of the Bento Village edition, (Ubuntu Openbox Remix) which
> is up to date with a new version of Phill's non-pae kernel and
> updated/dist-upgraded packages:
> bento-trusty-RC1-non-pae.iso
> You find it at
> along with it's md5sum file.
> See the general information at this readme page about Bento:
> Bento Trusty NON PAE for now is just a proof that a Bento Trusty or any
> other recent Ubuntu distribution coming with a kernel meant for machines
> not having PAE is possible to get. It does not contain all the end user
> programs that the other Bento editions have, and it is unfinished (the
> icons, the theme... ).
> What can Bento Trusty NON PAE do (what to test)?
> - It can boot right to the desktop (live) without failing, and
> - it can probably be installed in VBox and on bare metal without failing.
> - It would also need to be tested on a machine whose CPU does not have
> the pae instruction.
> - We hope it can also run as a persistent live USB drive (with a
> casper-rw file or partition and the boot option persistent).
> Best regards
> Nio

Hi again,

I got curious and started testing. Bento Trusty NON PAE

1. runs live and can install into VirtualBox (without pae flag). The
screen size is limited to 640x480 unless I activate


in /etc/default/grub and run

sudo update-grub. I have only tested basic things, and they work. But
wired network does not work. I can ping but web addresses cannot be
resolved. Is this the known bug and is it independent of the non-pae
kernel? I do not see this bug in Lubuntu 14.04 LTS with the non-pae
kernel as installed via the OBI-9w.

2. runs live and can install into an IBM Thinkpad T42 with Pentium M,
that lacks PAE flag, but has PAE capability. But it would be better to
find a machine that truly lacks PAE capability.

I have only tested basic things, and they work except wired network,
which has the same problem with wired network as in VBox.

3. manages persistence, tested with Unetbootin and a casper-rw
partition. I used a temporary boot option entered after hitting TAB to
edit the line with boot options. Tested in an IBM Thinkpad T42 with
Pentium M, and in a Toshiba Satellite Pro with Intel i5.


Congratulations to both of you Mélodie and Phill :-)

Best regards

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