Bento Village iso file with new non-pae kernel by Phill

Nio Wiklund nio.wiklund at
Sat Jul 5 21:09:50 UTC 2014

Hi everybody,

Please help us test Phill's new non-pae kernel! This time we can also
test the behaviour in a live system, which is a new feature of Phill's

After months of efforts it works, at least for Mélodie, who has made a
new iso file of the Bento Village edition, (Ubuntu Openbox Remix) which
is up to date with a new version of Phill's non-pae kernel and
updated/dist-upgraded packages:


You find it at

along with it's md5sum file.

See the general information at this readme page about Bento:

Bento Trusty NON PAE for now is just a proof that a Bento Trusty or any
other recent Ubuntu distribution coming with a kernel meant for machines
not having PAE is possible to get. It does not contain all the end user
programs that the other Bento editions have, and it is unfinished (the
icons, the theme... ).

What can Bento Trusty NON PAE do (what to test)?

- It can boot right to the desktop (live) without failing, and

- it can probably be installed in VBox and on bare metal without failing.

- It would also need to be tested on a machine whose CPU does not have
the pae instruction.

- We hope it can also run as a persistent live USB drive (with a
casper-rw file or partition and the boot option persistent).

Best regards

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