vivid vervet/LXQt experience

Walter Lapchynski wxl at
Wed Dec 24 15:42:06 UTC 2014

First, this is probably best for the lubuntu-qa list which I have
cc'd. Secondly it's hard to fix problems if we know only that there
are problems. Knowing the specific nature of the problem is essential,
so we need some more detail.

Henk Terhell <hterhell at> wrote:

>> - vivid vervet with LXQt was OK but crashed two days ago during updating
>> and is no longer bootable not even in recovery mode

Did you report the crash? What other info can you provide? What are
the symptoms?

>> - vivid vervet is OK. I tried now to install LXQt-metapackage but without
>> success due to unmet dependencies

Which ones?

> I'm also not able to install LXQt-metapackage on Lubuntu
> 14.10 32 bit.

Why not?

For the QA team, I can say we appreciate your hard work, but we need
more info to be able to go any farther with it. Thanks!
Lubuntu Release Manager, Head of QA
Ubuntu PPC Point of Contact
Ubuntu Oregon LoCo Team Leader

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