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I have also answered in your reply !

2014-12-01 23:34 GMT+00:00 Israel <israeldahl at>:

> Hi again,
> (inline replies)
> On 12/01/2014 04:10 PM, Florian Coste wrote:
> > Thank you for the Microsoft fonts. I have install
> > "lubuntu-restricted-extras" but after trying to print again this pdf,
> > my printer give me back a white paper... In properties the pdf reader
> > says me that the font "Arial Bold" is not a standard font, and it has
> > been replaced by "Arial Negreta". I thought that it could print this
> > pdf, even with a bad appareance... How can you explain this white paper ?
> I am not sure how to explain this, have you printed other things
> successfully with this printer?
> Also, if it is an HP printer you may need to install hplip to make
> things easier.
> What type of Printer are you using?

Maybe I will report my problem in a general Ubuntu support forum (as, this printer has already print papers successfully,
obviously. I think (but I may be wrong) it is this pdf who causes this...
No, it's an Canon printer. I've donwload a ppa named cnijfilter (

> > I don't know who is responsible of the lubuntu website. Don't you
> > think that I could ask him (or them) to put foward the LTS version in
> > the website ?
> >
> Yes!!  However I am not sure who runs the site.  I just hang out here
> and answer questions because Lubuntu has a special place in my heart :)

Maybe I could suggest it to the QA team.

> > For the conversion between jpg file into a format file directly
> > printable, I think that it's an heavy way to do it by Gimp... Indeed,
> > Gimp is a graphic editor, and so too powerful for this common feature
> > "print picture".
> Yes it is very heavy to use to simply print a picture, you may try using
> imagemagick's display program to print.  If there is no desktop file for
> it you can use the one I attached
> > I don't know Eye of Gnome, maybe I should donwload and install
> > it.Sorry if my sentences are not good, or seem too rude, it's not my
> > native langage. And I wanted to specify that this Lubuntu OS is used
> > by my parents who aren't familiar with computers. I know that for
> > them, it would seem to difficult to use Gimp in order to print a
> > "simple picture"
> Eye of Gnome is heavier than the default, but I do not like the default,
> and never use it, so I cannot say why it will not print.
> Also do not worry about your language you speak very well, and I do not
> think you have been rude in the slightest.  Many of us are computer
> people so we like concise to-the-point mail :)
Yes, it was what I thought, Eye of Gnome is heavier. As computer where is
installed Lubuntu is old, I think I shoulnd't change the file manager.
Thank you for you comprehension ;)

> > Actually, as I said, I use Imagemagick, by terminal, in order to
> > convert this pictures into pdf file. And after, I print them with the
> > pdf reader. I admit that this way is also too difficult for my parents
> > (converting, and use pdf reader). It's why I thought develop a script
> > in order to do that. I don't know if it's easy or not, but I will
> > learn to do that ;)
> > Eye of Gnome should be the easiest solution. But I don't understand if
> > this images viewer can do that, why it's not installed by default on
> > Lubuntu (too weight ?), and why the actual images viewer can't do that...
> >
> Sure you can do that but I think in line with the Unix philosophy it
> would be better to use something small that works instead
> The desktop file I attached is for the imagemagick program called
> display.  You can set it as the default file handler for images in the
> file manager pcmanfm (ask if you need help)
> Printing from it should work, but some printers need special
> considerations to work correctly.

In fact, I didn't understand exactly what you wanted I do with this
configuration desktop file.... Could you explain me, please ?

> > Thank you for your information about how report my difficulties about
> > Gnome Player and LXDE panel. Thank you so much ;)
> >
> No problem, that is why we are here as a community, we all need help
> sometimes.
> And if you need help making a script for something don't feel bad
> asking.  There are more than one of use that write scripts here.  And
> there are some nice tools (like zenity) to make the script look like a
> 'normal' program for people that do not like using a terminal.
> And if you make a really nice program some of us might want to use it
> for ourselves at some point :)

Yes, of course, if I do something that works and I like, I will show you my
script !
As I said, I'm new user of Linux, and I've recently started to learn
programmation (Python in majority). But, it's a good way to learn much more
I will do it ;)

Thank you so much ;)
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