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Hi again,
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On 12/01/2014 04:10 PM, Florian Coste wrote:
> Thank you for the Microsoft fonts. I have install
> "lubuntu-restricted-extras" but after trying to print again this pdf,
> my printer give me back a white paper... In properties the pdf reader
> says me that the font "Arial Bold" is not a standard font, and it has
> been replaced by "Arial Negreta". I thought that it could print this
> pdf, even with a bad appareance... How can you explain this white paper ?
I am not sure how to explain this, have you printed other things
successfully with this printer?
Also, if it is an HP printer you may need to install hplip to make
things easier.
What type of Printer are you using?

> I don't know who is responsible of the lubuntu website. Don't you
> think that I could ask him (or them) to put foward the LTS version in
> the website ?
Yes!!  However I am not sure who runs the site.  I just hang out here
and answer questions because Lubuntu has a special place in my heart :)
> For the conversion between jpg file into a format file directly
> printable, I think that it's an heavy way to do it by Gimp... Indeed,
> Gimp is a graphic editor, and so too powerful for this common feature
> "print picture".
Yes it is very heavy to use to simply print a picture, you may try using
imagemagick's display program to print.  If there is no desktop file for
it you can use the one I attached
> I don't know Eye of Gnome, maybe I should donwload and install
> it.Sorry if my sentences are not good, or seem too rude, it's not my
> native langage. And I wanted to specify that this Lubuntu OS is used
> by my parents who aren't familiar with computers. I know that for
> them, it would seem to difficult to use Gimp in order to print a
> "simple picture"
Eye of Gnome is heavier than the default, but I do not like the default,
and never use it, so I cannot say why it will not print.
Also do not worry about your language you speak very well, and I do not
think you have been rude in the slightest.  Many of us are computer
people so we like concise to-the-point mail :)

> Actually, as I said, I use Imagemagick, by terminal, in order to
> convert this pictures into pdf file. And after, I print them with the
> pdf reader. I admit that this way is also too difficult for my parents
> (converting, and use pdf reader). It's why I thought develop a script
> in order to do that. I don't know if it's easy or not, but I will
> learn to do that ;)
> Eye of Gnome should be the easiest solution. But I don't understand if
> this images viewer can do that, why it's not installed by default on
> Lubuntu (too weight ?), and why the actual images viewer can't do that...
Sure you can do that but I think in line with the Unix philosophy it
would be better to use something small that works instead
The desktop file I attached is for the imagemagick program called
display.  You can set it as the default file handler for images in the
file manager pcmanfm (ask if you need help)
Printing from it should work, but some printers need special
considerations to work correctly.
> Thank you for your information about how report my difficulties about
> Gnome Player and LXDE panel. Thank you so much ;)
No problem, that is why we are here as a community, we all need help

And if you need help making a script for something don't feel bad
asking.  There are more than one of use that write scripts here.  And
there are some nice tools (like zenity) to make the script look like a
'normal' program for people that do not like using a terminal.
And if you make a really nice program some of us might want to use it
for ourselves at some point :)
> Nairolf21
> ...


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