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On 11/30/2014 11:18 AM, Nio Wiklund wrote:
> Hi,
> I can give you a first reply, and hope other people can add to give you
> a more complete picture.
> Best regards
> Nio
> Den 2014-11-30 15:46, Florian Coste skrev:
>> Hi,
>> I've discovered Lubuntu around one month ago. I'm very happy for this
>> distribution, and my old computer has started a new life with Lubuntu
>> and all our works.
>> I've encounted some difficulties, badly, with a netbook. I would like to
>> report this 'bug', but this netbook wasn't mine, and I will give back it
>> to its owner... I've already sent some mails in this mailing-list about
>> the dysfunction of LXDE panel. I've also encounted a dysfunction of
>> Gnome Player.... But I think Lubuntu Team is not responsible of this,
>> and I should contact directly devs of LXDE and Gnome Player, should'nt I ?
> This is probably a good idea. But if you get no response, you can come
> back here.
This depends on what your issues are.  They may be limitations that
exist, or they may be bugs that LXDE needs to know about.  I never use
Gnome Player.  I use vlc for videos.
Either search in your package manager (Lubuntu Software Center or synaptic)
sudo apt-get install vlc
>> I have other points that I would like to report you.
>> 1) I think it should be better to put forward LTS version of Lubuntu for
>> beginners. Indeed, the first link we see on lubuntu web site is for
>> downloading Lubuntu 14.10. For beginners, don't you think the LTS
>> version is better ?
> I agree.
+1  LTS is always the preferred option for beginners (in my experience).
I always give new people the LTS, as it is supported for a long time.
>> 2) I was suprised when I wanted to print a jpg file because I did'nt
>> find how to do directly. From the window manager, with right click, you
>> can't print it directly your picture, and you can't if you 'open' the
>> picture... I think I could be a difficult issue for beginners, don't you
>> think ? I don't know how you're doing for printing images, I've
>> donwloaded Imagemagic, and I use the command convert for convert .jpg
>> files into .pdf files. And I print pdf with the pdf reader. I would like
>> to know how you're doing this simple action.
> I use gimp to print pictures (as well as to edit pictures).
Other image viewers work well (like eye of gnome).
But Gimp is such a great program for all things related to images, it is
worth installing if you are going to edit them.
On the other hand you could open it with the web browser (firefox) and
print from there if you don't want to install Gimp.  There are other
tools as well.
You can try printing with imagemagick (I have never done this)
>From a terminal type
display /path/to/imageName
then click the image and select print.  Just follow the dialogs and print.
Imagemagick also installs an icon (usually) for display... so you can
set that as the preferred image viewer if you like.
I always install imagemagick, as it has so many amazing tools.

>> 3) I've encounted a problem for printing a pdf file. I don't know how
>> works 'printing function' but I was suprised to not be able to print a
>> pdf file that I could see...
>> My printer couldn't print this pdf, but the pdf reader could open this
>> file. In properties, I see that the producter of this pdf is "Microsoft
>> Excel 2010", may be guilty ?
>> In the font tab, it says that this file contains some fonts that aren't
>> part of the PDF standard fonts... In this tab, I can show three fonts  :
>> Calibri,Bold (Codage : WinAnsi) / Arial,Bold (WinAnsi) / Calibri
>> (Identity-H).
>> For Arial, Bold, it says me that this font is not integrated and changed
>> into Liberation Without Bold. But I am not sure to understand why my
>> printer couldn't print this... Even if the font has changed and graphic
>> aspect also...
>> I've cheated to print this (Screenshot then print from jpg files
>> transformed into pdf file), but I would like to understand this problem
>> and find a smatter way to solve it ;)
> Have you installed lubuntu-restricted-extras? It brings a lot of
> Microsoft fonts (along with a lot of codecs and other multimedia stuff),
> if I remember correctly.
> sudo apt-get install lubuntu-restricted-extras
I think Nio is correct here, you are missing the Microsoft fonts.
When you install it, be sure to accept the EULA license agreement.
>> Thank you so much,
>> Nairolf21


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