vUDS and preparation for 13.10

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> ...

> 2) The second thing I'd have to do in Firefox is install the Flash-AID
> Add-on and run it. Also a bit time-consuming and also completely
> unnecessary in Chromium.
"Flash-AID" is no longer in development, AFAIK. In any case I've never had
to use it to get Flash going on Firefox.

> 3) Saving SWF files in Firefox involved installing an add-on (Video
> Download Helper), telling it specifically to save SWF files and even
> then having it not always work. Chromium has SWF saving ability built-in
> and it has always worked in my experience.
Are you sure about this? Which version of Chromium does this? Where is the
.swf file saved to? I'd appreciate details although I suspect that Chromium
does not have *SWF saving ability built-in*.
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