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On 05/20/2013 11:32 PM, Augustine Souza wrote:
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>     ...
>     2) The second thing I'd have to do in Firefox is install the Flash-AID
>     Add-on and run it. Also a bit time-consuming and also completely
>     unnecessary in Chromium.
> "Flash-AID" is no longer in development, AFAIK. In any case I've never
> had to use it to get Flash going on Firefox.
True, FLASH-AID is no longer in development (but neither is Flash for
Linux).  Also true, it wasn't required to get Flash working on Firefox.
I started using it because I was setting up Apple PowerPC machines as
well as older PCs and FLASH-AID would allow me to choose which version
of the Flash plugin to get from where as well as install the Gnash
browser plug-in when appropriate (the PowerPCs). And I was figuring if
the end-user installed conflicting versions of Flash in the future,
FLASH-AID would easily fix it.
>     3) Saving SWF files in Firefox involved installing an add-on (Video
>     Download Helper), telling it specifically to save SWF files and even
>     then having it not always work. Chromium has SWF saving ability
>     built-in
>     and it has always worked in my experience.
> Are you sure about this? Which version of Chromium does this? Where is
> the .swf file saved to? I'd appreciate details although I suspect that
> Chromium does not have *SWF saving ability built-in*.
No, I'm not sure. It's been a while since I had a need for it. I thought
I remembered all I had to do was Save as... the page an SWF appeared on
and it would save the swf file wherever I told it... Okay, looked
through my original notes - I had that wrong. In our respin of Lubuntu
12.04; I used Chromium to save SWF files so many times because the SWF
files I had would no longer work in Gnash (the non-browser plug-in)
local player on Lubuntu 12.04. I had to open the SWF files (I'd
originally saved through Firefox on Ubuntu 10.04 with Video Download
Helper) with Chromium and re-save them to a different directory. I was
remembering how easily each SWF game played and saved through Chromium
from my already downloaded (local) collection. Sorry to add that
non-existent feature to my list of reasons.

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