vUDS and preparation for 13.10

Eric Bradshaw ericbradshaw at
Tue May 21 05:11:58 UTC 2013

Applications and settings changes for 13.10, which may include :
- Replace Chromium with Firefox

Any conclusion on this?

I thought shifting from Firefox to Chromium was the correct move. On seeing
this, I did a bit homework as for "why", and found two contracting trends:

I have a great fondness for Firefox and was initially upset when Lubuntu
shipped with Chromium. I immediately went about "replacing" Chromium
with Firefox. And there are many very easy to find tutorials on the
Internet (directed to the novice) on how to do just that. But, I came
around to Chromium and I'm weighing in on the other side. I'd like
Lubuntu to keep Chromium as the default browser. My reasons follow:
1) One of the first things I'd have to do with Firefox is fix the memory
leaks, mess with the max-connections, optimize it for the RAM in the
machine, etc. This was a time-consuming, 13-step process for every
machine I'd set up. I don't have to do this at all with Chromium.
2) The second thing I'd have to do in Firefox is install the Flash-AID
Add-on and run it. Also a bit time-consuming and also completely
unnecessary in Chromium.
3) Saving SWF files in Firefox involved installing an add-on (Video
Download Helper), telling it specifically to save SWF files and even
then having it not always work. Chromium has SWF saving ability built-in
and it has always worked in my experience.
4) Web Apps via Chromium also just works (with a bit of tweaking) on
Lubuntu and it looks the way I expect it should I can't say the same for
5) I don't know if it's all a trick and I've never timed the two
side-by-side with a stop-watch, but... Chromium *feels* faster to me on
old machines.
6) There are games played through a browser I need to have installed on
every system. Some of these games didn't work (correctly) in Firefox,
but they all work beautifully in Chromium.

Eric Bradshaw
Thank You,
God Bless,
Computers4Christians <>

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