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Jonathan Marsden jmarsden at
Tue May 14 03:09:24 UTC 2013

On 05/13/2013 02:47 PM, Phill Whiteside wrote:

> it was meant for Ali to start work on a wiki area.

It was?  The comment that "doc team are going with Mallard" was "meant
for Ali to start work on a wiki area"?  Now I'm confused!

Wiki uses wiki markup; Mallard uses Mallard's own new XML-based markup,
which is very different. uses LaTeX, which is
different again.  Pointing out that a Ubuntu doc team is choosing, for
official Ubuntu use, to work in Mallard, does not affect a wiki-based
documentation project at all.  As far as I can see, anyway.

Are you volunteering to write a Moinmoin-to-Mallard conversion script we
can run against the Lubuntu wiki pages and generate a set of Mallard
documentation automatically?!  If not, then I think we need to decide up
front whether the proposed project is wiki-reuse, topical on-disk help,
or a manual.  That helps us decide whether documentation format is
wiki-based, or Mallard-based, or LaTeX-based.

> Julien's idea is that we have a version of our wiki area available 
> 'off-line'. The pains of formatting are one thing which should,
> imho, be tollerable.

Agreed, but you choose appropriate tools for each documentation task.
That is what makes it tolerable :)

[Incidentally, the subject line of this email includes the words
"Lubuntu Manual"... that might be a clue as to what we are discussing
here? :)  ]

> The wiki will always remain the 'gold standard' e.g. once the
> off-line docs are on the final iso, we will rarely be able to update
> them. Whereas if an error is found in the wiki area we can amend
> quickly.

So is the wiki a "gold standard" that stays fixed, or an easy-to-change
non-standard? :)

> Mallard and yelp are what is planned for off-line documentation. 

So you (the doc team) will be reformatting the manual at into Mallard?  Even though Mallard's stated
goal is production of a rather different kind of documentation?

> Getting the initial areas which we want to include on a CD committed
> to 'black and white' is the most important thing as that will be on
> the wiki for all to use 'on-line'

No.  Deciding whether the goal is to create a static dump of a wiki, or
a new set of interactive on-PC topic-oriented help in Mallard, or a
manual along the lines of, *must* happen first,
before "initial areas we want to include on a CD" can be determined.
The very nature of the "areas" will differ depending on the nature of
the desired end product!

Do we really have the resources to do all three?

> On the ubuntu-wiki-docs email area we have discussed and are
> continuing to discuss what was a moving playing field for off-line
> docs. Flooding the lubuntu-users email list with these discussions
> seems counter-productive of having such mailing lists whereby the
> sub-teams can discuss, in detail, changes and ideas.

The documentation under discussion is, as far as I know,
Lubuntu-specific, and has been mentioned by Lubuntu users.  It is IMO
not, therefore, appropriate to hide discussion of it from the Lubuntu
community on a doc team or other non-Lubuntu list.  The lubuntu-users
list remains *the* mailing list for Lubuntu-oriented email discussion,
whether end user oriented or development-oriented; there is no separate
list for the latter, as you well know.

I am not subscribed to ubuntu-wiki-docs as far as I know.  Despite that,
in my email inbox recently, I have seen Ali confused that he thought he
was being asked to switch from Wiki markup to Mallard, and wondering if
he really had to make that change.  Recently, I have seen multiple
proposals for:

 * using the existing work on the wiki but dumping it to CD
 * writing topic-based help documentation in Mallard
 * using as a basis for an Lubuntu manual

I think deciding which of these will be pursued by the Lubuntu community
matters.  Which mailing list we use to discuss it is secondary.  I've
seen all these documentation ideas and issues raised (by others, not
me!) here on lubuntu-users.  So I'm responding to that email traffic
here, on this list.  Does its clearly-stated topic specifically exclude
Lubuntu documentation?  I don't think so.


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