Chromium does not support Google Calendar offline mode?

John Hupp lubuntu at
Mon Jan 21 19:53:23 UTC 2013

I was looking at calendar choices and posted about that recently 
("Calendar/PIM recommendations/evaluations?").  Other than Chris Green's 
inventive CLI-oriented home-grown solution, theother suggestions were 
Google Calendar and Thunderbird + Lightning/Sunbird.

One mightinstall Thunderbird not to use the main app (email)but only its 
calendar extension.  That would be odd, but I have found the current 
Windows version of Thunderbird email to be plagued by font bugs, and I 
posted links to a list of them in that previous thread.  I have not 
heard from anyone about whether the font bugs also manifest in Linux, 
but I am wary about the Thunderbird solution on account of my current 
assessmentof the Windows version.

So I was having a look at Google Calendar, further bolstered by a hearty 
recommendation here:

It had seemed like one of the biggest initial GCal shortfalls was no 
offline capability, but currently Google attempts to plug that hole via 
the Google Calendar web app available from the Google Web Store.  But it 
only supports Chrome.  And depending on what you read, the calendar data 
that is stored in the Chrome user profile either supports read-only 
access to existing events and tasks, or perhaps also allows for creation 
of new items that would be synced to Google when you are back online again.

I couldn't find anything written about whether Chromium can also take 
advantage of the GCal web app, so I simply tried it.  It seemed to 
install and launch OKwhen I was online. Then I closed Chromium, pulled 
the Ethernet plug, loaded Chromium and clicked on a bookmark for Google 
Calendar.  I got the message "The app is currently unreachable."

So unless I misunderstood something, it seems that to get Google 
Calendar offline support, Chromium won't do-- one would have to install 

Does anyone else know differently?
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