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Israel & All:

I checked it out on the various Ubuntu 13.10 distributions, and observed 
the following:

Ubuntu (Unity):

Icons not a consistent size in their applications 'lens'.  My 
application's icon (submitted through Java Web-Start) was actually 
larger in the 'lens' then the usual, and the zynaddsubfx icon (larger in 
Lubuntu menu) is actually smaller.  Some icons (qsynth, for example) had 
a 'grainy' look, indicating they had been scaled-up from a smaller size.

All icons are consistent size size in the left-of-screen menu.

Ubuntu (Gnome)

Icons are a consistent size in the applications 'lens'.  All are the 
same size (including mine submitted through Java Web-Start). Zynaddsubfx 
(large on Lubuntu) is the same, consistent size.  Some (hexter and 
nekobee, for example) have no icon.

Kubuntu (KDE)

Consistent size icons in applications menu.  Hexter and Nekobee have no 
icons.  My application's icon (submitted via Java Web-Start) is 
consistent size.

UbuntuStudio (XFCE)

All icons present, and consistent size, both on the desktop, and in the 
menus.  Hexter and Nekobee have icons, though the icon for Nekobee (a 
tool-box icon) may not be right for a DSSI software synthesizer.  I 
wonder if they substituted something for its missing icon that they 
though reasonable.  UbuntuStudio has a lot of KDE libraries in it, and 
it might have gotten the consistent sizes from that (KDE had consistent 
sizes for all).

Perhaps another (long-term) solution might be to make it clear to 
developers what is needed, and the developers will fix it upstream.

- Aere

On 12/29/2013 01:54 PM, Israel wrote:
> Ah... you sent this when I was typing my e-mail.
> I am glad to hear others are working on fixing this issue!
> Are you working on making symbolic links, or some automated script 
> (kinda like what I am attempting), or something totally different?
> Eric has sorted out the main 2 issues.
> 1. bad  Icon= path
> 2. xpm sized too large
> I can only see 3 (realistically)possible solutions.
> 1. script to fix the icons
> 2. symbolic links to the real icons
> 3. automated conversion and fixing of desktop files (possibly on a 
> larger Ubuntu community scale... not just Lubuntu)
> I guess it might be time to find out if Xfce/Gnome/Unity has this 
> problem, though wrong icon paths will affect every respin, I 
> suppose... if not there may be a solution in another DE already for 
> the wrong icon paths.  Though badly sized Icons can only be fixed by 
> resizing them (or forcing the menu to show them at a certain size)
> It seems like to fix every icon field one would have to work for 
> Canonical to be able to make a change of that magnitude across all 
> however many thousands of packages in the repos.
> It would be very nice to have it done for Trusty.
> On 12/29/2013 11:40 AM, Rafael Laguna wrote:
>> We're trying to clean that mess too. A lot of programs, coming from 
>> old versions of Gnome, have icon definitions pointing to weird paths. 
>> The ideal rule is just naming the icon, with path  or extension, just 
>> its name, and obviously putting an icon at the apps section of the theme.
>> Xombrero, Openbox itself or GColor2 are examples of bad icon naming.
>> --
>> Rafael Laguna
>> Lubuntu Artwork Team
>> 2013/12/29 Eric Bradshaw <ericbradshaw at computers4christians.org 
>> <mailto:ericbradshaw at computers4christians.org>>
>>     I hope the details below helps someone figure some things out
>>     about no icons, blank icons and icons that are too big. And as
>>     mentioned previously by Aere; there is quite a bit of variation
>>     in the way developers tackle the icon "problem." I looked a
>>     little deeper and tried some experimenting with apps installed
>>     through LSC starting with the letter "E."
>>     For the application called eFTE, which shows no icon (default
>>     icon in menu, blank on the desktop); there are 4 icons in
>>     usr/share/pixmaps
>>     efte16x16.xpm
>>     efte32x32.xpm
>>     efte48x48.xpm
>>     efte64x64.xpm
>>     This is referenced in the shortcut as Icon=efte
>>     I copied the shortcut to the desktop and changed just the Icon=
>>     line to reference the path to the 32x32 icon
>>     Icon=usr/share/pixmaps/efte32x32.xpm
>>     This had absolutely no effect. I tried each of the other sizes as
>>     well; 16x16, 48x48 and 64x64. None had any effect - still a blank
>>     icon.
>>     I also tried moving the Icon= line to the top of the shortcut,
>>     just below [Desktop Entry]; nothing.
>>     I then moved the Icon= line above [Desktop Entry] and this time
>>     after saving, the default icon was shown.
>>     Next, I deleted all but the 64x64px icon in usr/share/pixmaps and
>>     renamed it simply efte.xpm. I then moved the Icon= line back down
>>     below the Exec= line, but left the path. The icon went back to
>>     being blank. Finally, I removed the path, so it was now
>>     Icon=efte.xpm (only the 64x64px icon still remained in
>>     usr/share/pixmaps and the icon's name is simply efte.xpm) and the
>>     icon showed on the desktop! I (tested to make sure the shortcut
>>     still worked from the desktop to open eFTE) then replaced the
>>     shortcut in /usr/share/applications and the icon showed in the
>>     menu too! The menu now showed a large icon for eFTE; 4 times the
>>     size it should have been. Next (because I had really deleted all
>>     but the 64x64px version) I halved the size of the icon in GIMP
>>     and overwrote it in /usr/share/pixmaps. And because it was still
>>     showing the 4x size in the menu, I entered lxpanelctl restart in
>>     LXTerminal and the icon had shrunk to twice the size as normal -
>>     the 32x32px size. I halved it again to 16x16px and again entered
>>     lxpanelctl restart in LXTerminal and the icon then finally showed
>>     in the menu at a normal size.
>>     In the case of Emila Pinball, which shows a large icon (roughly
>>     4x normal size); there is only 1 icon in the same location
>>     pinball.xpm
>>     This icon is 32x32px, 72 dpi.
>>     This is referenced in the shortcut as Icon=pinball.xpm
>>     emesene, which shows a normal icon; has both an .xpm (at 32x32px)
>>     and a .png (at 96x96px) in usr/share/pixmaps
>>     emesene.xpm
>>     emesene.png
>>     Referenced in the shortcut as Icon=emesene
>>     ELKI, which shows a normal icon; only one icon resides in
>>     usr/share/pixmaps
>>     elki-icon.png
>>     It is also  32x32px, 72 dpi
>>     In the shortcut as Icon=elki-icon
>>     Hope some of this sheds some light.
>>     Eric
>>     -- 
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