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Israel israeldahl at gmail.com
Sun Dec 29 17:47:14 UTC 2013

Ok, so it looks like the main issue may in fact be the desktop file.
Going through every single app and submitting a patch on the dekstop
file to make the path include the actual icon would be long.
It might be possible to amend the icon fixing script to remove the size
name from the icon, and convert it to a png file.  This would in effect
fix the efte issue, as it looks for the icon efte(.png/xpm...whatever)
but doesn't look for efte<size>.xpm

It seems that these packages are probably lacking a maintainer in Debian. 
efte is down the page in the orphaned packages list.

So the question now is, what next?

There is the possibility of writing a standalone script that hacks
around everything and 'fixes' the huge pixmaps, and can strip sizing
from an icon name to convert to a png so things like efte will have an icon.
There is virtually no likelihood someone else will fix all this.

No one else on this list has had much input about how to fix this, or
anything else.

So, for your future conversion of images it is very easy to do through
imagemagick in the terminal...

convert <inputFilename>.<extention> <options> <outputFilename>.<extention>
for example:
no options, simply convert to png format
convert efte32x32.xpm efte.png

scale option (like in my script) to make it 22x22, and rename it to
efte.xpm so the desktop file will find it
convert efte48x48.xpm -scale 22x22 efte.xpm

for more options you can always
man convert

All in all, until you or I (or someone randomly shows up) dig in and
find out what updates the menu automatically (I've been too busy working
on something else that will be very useful for a different part of
Lubuntu... which I'll tell you about if you like) we can't automate this
to work each time an app is installed.  We could automate something each
time Lubuntu is started up by adding some autostart thing... but it
would require superuser autorization each time.  Though I suppose the
script could check to see if it was granted free ability to do root user
tasks, and if not change the file to grant itself permission, so sudo
wouldn't be required (much like shutting down from the lubuntu logout
dialog... you don't need a password to turn off the computer)

I can work on making the script smarter (possibly) and checking for
icons with sizes something like
grep *16x16.xpm
and then converting that to:
fakeFileName.png rather than fakeFileName16x16.xpm
And even "grepping" the desktop file to match the file name to the
'Icon= ' field

grep "Icon=" /usr/share/applications/${program}.dekstop

I'll have to get to this eventually....  but not yet

On 12/29/2013 10:44 AM, Eric Bradshaw wrote:
> I hope the details below helps someone figure some things out about no
> icons, blank icons and icons that are too big. And as mentioned
> previously by Aere; there is quite a bit of variation in the way
> developers tackle the icon "problem." I looked a little deeper and
> tried some experimenting with apps installed through LSC starting with
> the letter "E."
> For the application called eFTE, which shows no icon (default icon in
> menu, blank on the desktop); there are 4 icons in usr/share/pixmaps
> efte16x16.xpm
> efte32x32.xpm
> efte48x48.xpm
> efte64x64.xpm
> This is referenced in the shortcut as Icon=efte
> I copied the shortcut to the desktop and changed just the Icon= line
> to reference the path to the 32x32 icon
> Icon=usr/share/pixmaps/efte32x32.xpm
> This had absolutely no effect. I tried each of the other sizes as
> well; 16x16, 48x48 and 64x64. None had any effect - still a blank icon.
> I also tried moving the Icon= line to the top of the shortcut, just
> below [Desktop Entry]; nothing.
> I then moved the Icon= line above [Desktop Entry] and this time after
> saving, the default icon was shown.
> Next, I deleted all but the 64x64px icon in usr/share/pixmaps and
> renamed it simply efte.xpm. I then moved the Icon= line back down
> below the Exec= line, but left the path. The icon went back to being
> blank. Finally, I removed the path, so it was now Icon=efte.xpm (only
> the 64x64px icon still remained in usr/share/pixmaps and the icon's
> name is simply efte.xpm) and the icon showed on the desktop! I (tested
> to make sure the shortcut still worked from the desktop to open eFTE)
> then replaced the shortcut in /usr/share/applications and the icon
> showed in the menu too! The menu now showed a large icon for eFTE; 4
> times the size it should have been. Next (because I had really deleted
> all but the 64x64px version) I halved the size of the icon in GIMP and
> overwrote it in /usr/share/pixmaps. And because it was still showing
> the 4x size in the menu, I entered lxpanelctl restart in LXTerminal
> and the icon had shrunk to twice the size as normal - the 32x32px
> size. I halved it again to 16x16px and again entered lxpanelctl
> restart in LXTerminal and the icon then finally showed in the menu at
> a normal size.
> In the case of Emila Pinball, which shows a large icon (roughly 4x
> normal size); there is only 1 icon in the same location
> pinball.xpm
> This icon is 32x32px, 72 dpi.
> This is referenced in the shortcut as Icon=pinball.xpm
> emesene, which shows a normal icon; has both an .xpm (at 32x32px) and
> a .png (at 96x96px) in usr/share/pixmaps
> emesene.xpm
> emesene.png
> Referenced in the shortcut as Icon=emesene
> ELKI, which shows a normal icon; only one icon resides in
> usr/share/pixmaps
> elki-icon.png
> It is also  32x32px, 72 dpi
> In the shortcut as Icon=elki-icon
> Hope some of this sheds some light.
> Eric


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