No sound, no volume control in system tray ( Lubuntu 13.04 fresh install on a new hardware)

German G gentgerman at
Tue Aug 13 17:46:23 UTC 2013

Hello gentlemen,

Recently I bought new hardware for my new htpc system. A8 AMD APU and a new
FM2 gigabyte motherboard. I must say that everything was working flowlessly
on my am2 nvidea 7 year old motherboard. I mean the sound was working with
the same 13.04 Lubuntu. I booted up, and I didn't hear not only sounds, but
volume control in systray also. I must say that I know that you have to
click on the back panel "add/remove items", and volume control is there,
but just doesn't add up to sys tray. My primarily music player Audacious
indulge me with some weird errors.. something
lime like pcm_snd_  can't find files. ( I definitely include all the info I
had if you be with me). The problem that it seems to me that Lubuntu has a
very small user base, so my  questions regarding this on web forums yield
even almost no hits. Everyone ( well, younger users at least want Unity and
some sort of support). I want support too, but with Lubuntu and LXDE. They
seem perfectly for my needs. Needless to say, after my seach for help on
the web, which doesn't seen to have any solution to my problem, I stumbled
upon the info that all distribution of Ubuntu family have ( Ubuntu,
Kubuntu, Xubuntu ) have something called pulseaudio by default. I also
gleaned that Lubuntu doesn't have it and that some developer in WIKI
promised to write how to install pulseaudio in Lubuntu, but this is in
progress. Just for the hack of it, i booted up live Xubuntu distro and wow
-- audio works. So, it is not a problem of my new hardware. It seems that
something is broken in Lubuntu. I am not sure if that pulseaudio problem or
alsa, but the fact is I don't have sound in my lovely Lubuntu with which I
was from the first days. ( I was using Ubuntu before they indroduced Unitiy
and staff got sissy. So, if anyone is willing to help, your opinions if I
should tinker alsa, or install pulseaudio ( which I have no clue how to do
it, or else where do I need to start is greatly appreciated). Thanks for
your fellowship time. Happy camper before it's all happend, German. ( st.
Petersburg Russia)
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