No sound, no volume control in system tray ( Lubuntu 13.04 fresh install on a new hardware)

Aere Greenway Aere at
Tue Aug 13 18:08:45 UTC 2013

On 08/13/2013 11:46 AM, German G wrote:
> Hello gentlemen,
> Recently I bought new hardware for my new htpc system. A8 AMD APU and 
> a new FM2 gigabyte motherboard. I must say that everything was working 
> flowlessly on my am2 nvidea 7 year old motherboard. I mean the sound 
> was working with the same 13.04 Lubuntu. I booted up, and I didn't 
> hear not only sounds, but volume control in systray also. I must say 
> that I know that you have to click on the back panel "add/remove 
> items", and volume control is there, but just doesn't add up to sys 
> tray. My primarily music player Audacious indulge me with some weird 
> errors.. something
> lime like pcm_snd_  can't find files. ( I definitely include all the 
> info I had if you be with me). The problem that it seems to me that 
> Lubuntu has a very small user base, so my  questions regarding this on 
> web forums yield even almost no hits. Everyone ( well, younger users 
> at least want Unity and some sort of support). I want support too, but 
> with Lubuntu and LXDE. They seem perfectly for my needs. Needless to 
> say, after my seach for help on the web, which doesn't seen to have 
> any solution to my problem, I stumbled upon the info that all 
> distribution of Ubuntu family have ( Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu ) have 
> something called pulseaudio by default. I also gleaned that Lubuntu 
> doesn't have it and that some developer in WIKI promised to write how 
> to install pulseaudio in Lubuntu, but this is in progress. Just for 
> the hack of it, i booted up live Xubuntu distro and wow -- audio 
> works. So, it is not a problem of my new hardware. It seems that 
> something is broken in Lubuntu. I am not sure if that pulseaudio 
> problem or alsa, but the fact is I don't have sound in my lovely 
> Lubuntu with which I was from the first days. ( I was using Ubuntu 
> before they indroduced Unitiy and staff got sissy. So, if anyone is 
> willing to help, your opinions if I should tinker alsa, or install 
> pulseaudio ( which I have no clue how to do it, or else where do I 
> need to start is greatly appreciated). Thanks for your fellowship 
> time. Happy camper before it's all happend, German. ( st. Petersburg 
> Russia)

I use sound with Lubuntu without the problems you experienced (levels 
11.10 through 13.04).

One difference, is that where I need to use Java Sound MIDI, I need to 
use PulseAudio, which I think is not installed on Lubuntu by default.

But to use PulseAudio, you also need the "pavucontrol" package to 
control it.  It isn't a dependency of pulseaudio because other 
distributions have their own mixers to control it.

So on all of my Lubuntu systems, I install the "pulseaudio" and 
"pavucontrol" packages before trying to use them.

I also have problems where I usually have multiple soundcards, and I 
have found it best to (in the "Configuration" tab of Pulse Audio Volume 
Control (pavucontrol)), to set the "Profile" drop-box to "Off" of the 
soundcard my amplifier is not connected-to.

You have different hardware than I do, so the above may not solve your 
problems, but it's worth trying, as a first step.


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