Video Player change proposel

Alexander Andjelkovic andjelkovic at
Thu Sep 13 07:26:27 UTC 2012

> By all means let's make a poll for 13.04.   I understand reluctance to
> have QT applications on the CD.  We haven't needed QT yet so far,
> after all.

I don't see any QT application as an alternative, and I'm sure Rafael
shares the same opinion as me on QT apps. Don't get me wrong, VLC is
good, but QT isn't :P.

Also, can someone please document (urls, bug#, etc.) the problems we
are facing? What I'd like to see is the following:

1a) Which are the criticial bugs in Gnome-Mplayer that affect our users?
1b) Do we have time to fix them until 13.04?

2a) What other (GTK) video players are available?
2b) Do they have browser integration?
2c) What special dependencies do they have?
2d) Are they being actively developed & maintained?

3) Use the same video in all tests, use a clean session (only default
background apps), reboot after each test.
3a) Memory consumption when idle?
3b) CPU consumption when idle?
3c) Memory consumption when playing?
3d) CPU consumption when playing?

It would be great if someone could find the answers to these
questions, maybe you can work together on a wiki page and then report
the results?

Best regards,
Alexander Andjelkovic

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