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Thu Sep 13 08:21:15 UTC 2012

Agreed, Alex. We must remember that we use a GTK desktop, and including any
QT app will increase a lot the ISO size. Also, the artwork will be affected
trying to implement the themes to work well with those libraries. I see
that QT-GTK parsers existent in QT libraries to use GTK themes fail when
rendering GTK3 controls. The result is a mess (see any Mageia mixed QT-GTK

紳癒礁湖 (Rafael Laguna)
Lubuntu Artork Team

2012/9/13 Alexander Andjelkovic <andjelkovic at>

> > By all means let's make a poll for 13.04.   I understand reluctance to
> > have QT applications on the CD.  We haven't needed QT yet so far,
> > after all.
> I don't see any QT application as an alternative, and I'm sure Rafael
> shares the same opinion as me on QT apps. Don't get me wrong, VLC is
> good, but QT isn't :P.
> Also, can someone please document (urls, bug#, etc.) the problems we
> are facing? What I'd like to see is the following:
> 1a) Which are the criticial bugs in Gnome-Mplayer that affect our users?
> 1b) Do we have time to fix them until 13.04?
> 2a) What other (GTK) video players are available?
> 2b) Do they have browser integration?
> 2c) What special dependencies do they have?
> 2d) Are they being actively developed & maintained?
> 3) Use the same video in all tests, use a clean session (only default
> background apps), reboot after each test.
> 3a) Memory consumption when idle?
> 3b) CPU consumption when idle?
> 3c) Memory consumption when playing?
> 3d) CPU consumption when playing?
> It would be great if someone could find the answers to these
> questions, maybe you can work together on a wiki page and then report
> the results?
> Best regards,
> Alexander Andjelkovic
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