Installed lubunto core, went OK, but no grub menu now

Yorvyk yorvik.ubunto at
Wed Oct 31 18:56:17 UTC 2012

On 31/10/12 17:27, Aere Greenway wrote:
> All:
> I have been noticing in recent Linux installs (mostly Lubuntu), that
> the installer is making bad assumptions on which device to install
> GRUB on.
> Having been burned by GRUB being installed on the wrong device
> before, I watch closely where it's intending to install GRUB, and
> change it to what it needs to be.
> In the past (years ago), the assumptions on where to install GRUB
> were so reliable that I didn't even look at this, but now, I watch it
> carefully.
> I almost always do manual partitioning, where I have the choice of
> where to install GRUB.  I don't know if the other installation
> options give you that same choice.
This seems to depend on the age of the machine and how you select what
to boot off.  If I have go go into BIOS to tell it to boot from USB the 
drive order on older machine tends to change so that the USB drive is 
/dev/sda.  If there is a Fn key available to select what to boot from 
then the USB drive is normally the last drive in the list.


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