Installed lubunto core, went OK, but no grub menu now

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Wed Oct 31 18:55:49 UTC 2012


Yes, I should have done so, but in the middle of installing is not a
good time, and after the install, I only remember about the event, but
not the particulars.  

What I need to do is write down the details.  I will try to do so next
time, so I can file a bug-report.  

However, where the upgrades seem to work so well nowadays, I don't need
to do an install very often.  

- Aere

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Hi Aere,

as all the ubuntu family use the same installer, it will be across all
flavours. When you find it 'mis-behaving' please raise a bug against

With regards to USB installs, this has been known for a while (I cannot
recall when I wrote the wiki page up!) [1] 



On 31 October 2012 17:27, Aere Greenway <Aere at>
        I have been noticing in recent Linux installs (mostly Lubuntu),
        that the installer is making bad assumptions on which device to
        install GRUB on.  
        Having been burned by GRUB being installed on the wrong device
        before, I watch closely where it's intending to install GRUB,
        and change it to what it needs to be.  
        In the past (years ago), the assumptions on where to install
        GRUB were so reliable that I didn't even look at this, but now,
        I watch it carefully.  
        I almost always do manual partitioning, where I have the choice
        of where to install GRUB.  I don't know if the other
        installation options give you that same choice.  
        - Aere
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        On Wed, Oct 31, 2012 at 10:03:44AM +0000, Chris Green wrote:
        > I have just installed lubuntu core on an acer-aspire laptop.  There was
        > an existing Windows XP installation on the laptop.
        > Everything went very smoothly, no problems at all, the installation did
        > the expected change of the Windows XP partition size to make space for
        > the lubuntu install and eveything completed as expected.
        > However when I reboot the system I still just get the Windows boot
        > sequence, no sign of a Grub menu at all.  I did answer 'y' to the
        > installation question about letting grub take over the boot.
        > There's no data of importance on the system so I can just start again if
        > necessary but it takes a *long* time to do the XP install so I'd prefer
        > to fix this if I can.  (I do want dual boot as I occasionally need a
        > real XP for times when XP in VirtualBox doesn't quite work).
        Um, a little bit further.  If I plug the USB stick I installed from back
        in and then boot (with boot from USB) then the grub menu appears, it
        seems that I have the grub menu on the USB stick!  (Yes, it really is
        the 'installed' one as it has the Windows XP installation as one of its
        However the lubuntu option in grub doesn't work, I just get a black
        screen if I select it.  System is up and running, I can ping it from
        other systems on my LAN.
        Chris Green



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