setting nautilus as default file manager

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Mon Oct 29 18:29:38 UTC 2012

Hi Jonathan,

there are a couple of methods discussed on the FAQ area[1]. Choose the one
that bests suits your needs & feel free to reply back if you have

Accessibility and PCManFM are on the radar to be addressed.



On 29 October 2012 16:43, Jonathan Nadeau <j.nadeau at> wrote:

> Hello list,
> i'm a blind Lubuntu user and i'm trying to set Nautilus as the default
> file manager. The reason for this is because pcmanfm  is not accessible
> to the Orca screen reader. So far I have set up nautilus to create icons
> on the desktop such as home, computer and trash. What I'm trying to do
> is set Nautilus to autostart. I can't find how to do this or where to
> set nautilus for autostart. It seems that pcmanfm is auto starting over
> nautilus. So when I first boot into lubuntu there are no icons on the
> desktop. But once I press alt and f2 then type in nautilus and open it.
> Then the icons appear on the desktop. my  question is how do i autostart
> nautilus? Or do I need to start pcmanfm autostarting? If so  how would I
> do that? Thanks for your tiem and help it is much appreciated.
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