setting nautilus as default file manager

Jonathan Nadeau j.nadeau at
Mon Oct 29 16:43:49 UTC 2012

Hello list,

i'm a blind Lubuntu user and i'm trying to set Nautilus as the default
file manager. The reason for this is because pcmanfm  is not accessible
to the Orca screen reader. So far I have set up nautilus to create icons
on the desktop such as home, computer and trash. What I'm trying to do
is set Nautilus to autostart. I can't find how to do this or where to
set nautilus for autostart. It seems that pcmanfm is auto starting over
nautilus. So when I first boot into lubuntu there are no icons on the
desktop. But once I press alt and f2 then type in nautilus and open it.
Then the icons appear on the desktop. my  question is how do i autostart
nautilus? Or do I need to start pcmanfm autostarting? If so  how would I
do that? Thanks for your tiem and help it is much appreciated. 

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