following plugin has crashed:shockwave

Richard Bloss sneydblois at
Wed Oct 24 06:09:08 UTC 2012

I downloaded the entire years mailing list & was going to peruse them this
weekend but thought perhaps I could just ask first.  Is anyone else
experiencing problems with Shockwave plugin crashing in Chromiuim.  Chrome

Believe I have downloaded & installed the most current version of Flash in
/usr/lib/chromium-browser/plugins.  Played with about:plugins, disabling
all but one @ a time.

Also followed the instructions here for nonfree flash plugin:
Actually I may not have followed these instructions for nonfree flash
plugins since the last clean install of 11.10.  Will do that again
tomorrow. I did not have a problem with shockwave until a month or so ago.

Currently on 11.10, have become accustomed to Oneric Ocelot & would prefer
to keep it unless there's a specific reason for 12.04. 11.10 seems to run a
bit faster on my old P3 with 512 Mb RAM.  Also for some reason I cannot
perform a clean install of Precise Pangolin & have read several forum
entries that suggest clean install as opposed to upgrade.  Did upgrade to
12.04 but still had issues with Shockwave.

Reason cannot clean install 12.04?  Old PC cannot boot from USB & does not
have DVD player so am limited to CD.  While I can fit the 12.04 ISO on CD
(barely) it stalls during the install process?  11.10 ISO installs just
fine.  Only issue is with Shockwave.

Can you help?  Is this the appropriate way to ask for help?

rich or daemoncycler (forum name)
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