Lubuntu 12.10 Release Candidate (Version October 13) - BIG Problem with Task Bar

Sandor Ortegon sandortegon at
Sun Oct 14 14:40:20 UTC 2012


I just installed Lubuntu 12.10 using the daily build from October 13 
(yesterday) ... and despite being happy about the release, there are 
some problems that have appeared, compared with the Lubuntu version 
(12.10 too) that I installed one week ago.

*One week ago: **
- Dropbox have a tray icon with the traditional blue ... it showed 
everything correctly (we could see preferences, last modified files, etc).

- I installed Firetray extension in Thunderbird in order to have a tray 
icon and it showed a generic mail icon with the right size.

- Skype tray icon showed correctly.

- Jupiter (for power management) showed a visible tray icon in the taskbar.

- Spacing between tray icons from different applications was normal.


- Dropbox tray icon is monochrome, too big and now preferences and last 
modified files cannot be seen (so there is no way to see when the sync 
is going to end), there is no way to see the progress, despite using the 
same version I used one week ago.

- Firetray extension in Thunderbird for some reason shows a gigantic 
mail icon in the task bar.

- Jupiter shows an invisible tray icon in the task bar. The only way I 
can assume Jupiter is there is because of the large empty space in the 
bar that appears between two consecutive icons.

- Spacing between tray icons is not normal.

- Skype tray icon works incorrectly ... if I click the tray icon, it 
closes the program!!!

In other words, there are several problems related to the task bar, one 
week away from Lubuntu's official release. It worked much better one 
week ago. Is there a way to downgrade? Or there is an update coming up?

Thanks for your attention,

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