How to move from xubuntu to lubuntu?

Lars Noodén lars.nooden at
Thu Oct 11 12:52:31 UTC 2012

One way is to add the metapackage lubuntu-desktop.  If you want to try
to take out the parts left by Xubuntu, you can try these instructions:

There might be some overlap, though.


On 10/11/12, Chris Green <cl at> wrote:
> Having put Lubuntu 12.04 on my little Acer Aspire netbook (and got it
> working properly) I'm now considering changing my desktop machine from
> xubuntu to lubuntu.
> What are the possible ways I can do this?  I have quite a lot of
> customisation and added applications on my desktop machine and I don't
> really want to have to redo/reinstall all of these.
> Can I just install lubuntu-desktop and get offered lubuntu when I log
> in?  Will this give me the 'lightweightness' of lubuntu?  I don't really
> care about disk space as I seem to have lots of that to spare but low
> resource usage would be good.
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> Chris Green
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