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> > I just looked through the raw mbox of the list which goes back to 2012 
> > and the last message on the only thread (besides this one) doesn't 
> > really come to any conclusion whatsoever [1] 

(which read another way says I looked at every message on the list this year and it was not mentioned)

>      I ran Xombrero earlier today and I will say it is much more stable 
> than xxxterm, but it did crash once. 

Again, they are the same, only xombrero is newer. What was the nature of the crash? Does it crash more or less than chromium? (Have you seen the bug reports for chromium lately? if you say xombrero is worse, you clearly haven't)

> As far as features it has few. 

It's got all the things you mentioned. I admit they're not readily apparent but we could easily make it configured to handle a/v better. We could also make a start page the lists some of the default options. It is less mouse-centric than other browsers and indeed is more keyboard-centric.

However, it's more secure, less crash prone, and lighter weight.

Which is more consistent with the goals of Lubuntu? I'd say xxxterm/xombrero.


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