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Tue Oct 9 22:53:21 UTC 2012

On 10/09/2012 01:18 PM, lubuntu-users-request at wrote:
> I just looked through the raw mbox of the list which goes back to 2012 
> and the last message on the only thread (besides this one) doesn't 
> really come to any conclusion whatsoever [1] and certainly no mention 
> of unstable and lacking features. In what way do you feel it is is 
> unstable and lacking features? Also re: xombrero, if you read my 
> original message [2] you'll find that I mention they're one in the 
> same, only renamed. wxl [1] 
> [2] 
> ------------------------------ 
     The thread I am referring to was from earlier this year when there 
were suggestions about changes in default applications for the 12.10 
release. Midori, xxxterm and maybe one other were suggested. I 
personally tried all of them out and they were all very crash prone. 
Midori was the most feature rich of the bunch.
     I ran Xombrero earlier today and I will say it is much more stable 
than xxxterm, but it did crash once. As far as features it has few. 
Navigational buttons, an address bar, a search bar, and a button that 
tells me what page I am already on. The layout would indicate it 
supports tabs but I saw nothing to indicate how to open a new tab. I 
didn't see anything for bookmarks, history, preferences of any kind. No 
audio or video capabilities nor anyway for those to be added that is 
readily apparent. My feeling is that if this were to be shipped as the 
default browser of a distro it would be immediately replaced by the 
user. The Googles and Firefox are easier and more capable at this point 
for a casual user.

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