Lubuntu Software Center - MenuLibre

Stephen Smally eco.stefi at
Fri Oct 5 16:40:17 UTC 2012

Il 05/10/2012 18:32, Hitesh Shah ha scritto:
> MenuLibre, a replacement for Alacarte, is available from Synaptic and
> the Ubuntu Software Center but is not included in the Lubuntu Software
> Center. I have installed it on Lubuntu 12.04 and it works as intended.
>  From the developer's site:
> /An advanced menu editor that provides modern features in a clean,
> easy-to-use interface.  All without GNOME dependencies, so even
> lightweight systems can benefit from the sanity that MenuLibre offers.
> MenuLibre is your one-stop shop for menus in Linux, whether you use
> Gnome, LXDE, XFCE, or Unity./
> How is the content of software that is included in the Lubuntu Software
> Center decided?
> Is it based on users' recommendations?
> If users' recommendations are welcome, is this mailing list an
> appropriate place for posting our recommendations?

The software showed in the Lubuntu Software Center is selected using the 
datas contained in the package app-install-data, if menulibre is 
included in the repos and a .desktop file in 
/usr/share/app-install/desktop/ exists it should be shown.

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