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Hitesh Shah chimak111 at
Fri Oct 5 16:32:52 UTC 2012

MenuLibre, a replacement for Alacarte, is available from Synaptic and the
Ubuntu Software Center but is not included in the Lubuntu Software Center.
I have installed it on Lubuntu 12.04 and it works as intended.

>From the developer's site:

*An advanced menu editor that provides modern features in a clean,
easy-to-use interface.  All without GNOME dependencies, so even lightweight
systems can benefit from the sanity that MenuLibre offers.  MenuLibre is
your one-stop shop for menus in Linux, whether you use Gnome, LXDE, XFCE,
or Unity.*

How is the content of software that is included in the Lubuntu Software
Center decided?
Is it based on users' recommendations?
If users' recommendations are welcome, is this mailing list an appropriate
place for posting our recommendations?
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